Cricket World Cup 2011 Fever at Salesian University Rome

A group of Indians holed up watching live cricket. Photo by Seby Kidangan

ROME, (C.M. Paul) – Cricket World Cup 2011 craze caught the Indian students at the Salesian University Rome to a feverish pitch on Saturday for the India-Sri Lanka finals. Some 30 students residing in the two international student communities huddled together to watch cricket live. While one group of students had to leave Rome for the annual community picnic, to pray at St Rita of Cascia shrine, patroness of the impossible, others enjoyed live cricket holed up in their rooms.
While some group of Indian dedicated their rosary prayer the previous evening for the success of Team India, the pilgrims said fervent prayers at the shrine. They had their heart and mind following team India from toss to toast… thanks to friends with iPod who kept the pilgrims on the bus with match updates…
The pilgrims returned to their rooms by 10 pm IST, thanks to the full cooperation of the Spanish born Rector who speeded up return trip to be in time to watch last minutes of the winning euphoria… and it was party time with whatever solids and liquids on hand.
Earlier after the India-Pakistan game, students declared a spontaneous Indian cooking party… While the Don Rua community which has an Indian Rector, the Indians  gave champagne and beers during Sunday lunch for its over sixty international students… the Don Bsoco community has declared  a party for Monday night with champagne, wine, beers and ice cream. And a bonus, cricket highlights on big screen, to introduce fellow students to the gentle man’s game.



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2 responses to “Cricket World Cup 2011 Fever at Salesian University Rome

  1. Fr.Tomy Kuruvilla

    It is fine to love what the YOUTH love as Don Bosco would put it. But I think it is good to strike a balance between the extremes. Though my first Rector way back in 1970 would discourage us kids with statements during the good nights qualifying “Cricket ” as a non -salesian game, I would not go to that extent. But still it is good to pause a while and see whether we cross limits. My regards to the privileged ones in UPS.
    Tomy K.

  2. Fr. Robin Gomes sdb

    I am glad the Indian sdbs became part of the CW Cup fever.

    I guess most of the 3-thousand Salesians in India were part of the viewers together with 1.2 billion compatriots. We could feel how the whole country exhibited their unity elements – esp the youth mass during the semi -F & the Final! It was a great feeling those two days, at least for me, being part of the euphoria. I consider it very relevant that we have have done that; this is the right language we spoke with young friends of India on these occasion.

    Most us may not have been glued to tv totally … but at least enjoyed a good part it. Compliments to the Indo-roman confratelli, who with their limited accessibility made the best of it.

    This helps once again to understand why we the sons of Don Bosco must polish up our “sports language” to communicate to the youth of our own countries. We could promote games & sports for all our Salesian centers in a more serious and professional manner ( n0 m0re just having some games!).

    A time has come to try out opening ( or adding in our sdb existing presences) Salesian Sports Centres, from where we train our lads into sport professionals! We must include major popular games – both indoor & outdoor. I think it is very timely.

    We have achieved the century (1900-2000) of educational endeavor. Now on, what about taking up: Games & Sports Endeavor! This discipline is known to have produced more motivated and steadfast characters. We must continue watching and being in touch with great world & regional sports events, and bring the benefits to our young – in their own hometown, in DBYC’s playground.
    I vouch, this could be a right way to return to Don Bosco and meeting the youth of today in their arena.

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