Gandhian Fasts to Death For India Revolution Against Corruption

Fast to death vs corruption, 5 April, 2011

NEW DELHI – Right now, Anna Hazare, a 73-year-old Gandhian, sits fasting in the burning sun from 5th April 2011, and he will stay until death — unless the government agrees to consider a powerful law that could rid Indian politics of the scourge of corruption.
This “Modern Mahatma” is taking the utmost act of courage and determination to push through a bill that would give an independent body the power to punish corruption — even in the Prime Minister’s office. Across the country a movement has exploded, driving a media storm of pressure that’s engulfing PM Manmohan Singh. But dirty politicians are desperately trying to water down or kill the law.
For the first time in forty three years, we have the chance to change the way politics is done. Let’s join together and stand with Anna Hazare to tackle corruption and clean up Indian politics. We have no time to lose — sign the petition to be delivered directly to Prime Minister Singh and reported to the media, and forward this email to everyone:
Hazare is championing a citizen-developed bill called “Jan” Lokpal that will create an independent body, selected by judges, citizens and constitutional authorities, with enough power to investigate and punish all politicians. No minister or bureaucrat will be able to influence its investigations.
Since 1968, when this bill was first introduced, greedy politicians have thwarted its passing. Now the government is pushing for a watered down Lokpal with no hope of ending fraud, vice and dishonesty — it gives politicians overriding power to decide who will be investigated, and is a complete sellout.

L to R: New Delhi Archbishop Vincenso Concessao & Fr. Cedrick Praksah SJ join Anna Hazare's fast.

Pressure is mounting on Prime Minister Singh to endorse the “Jan” Lokpal. Members of the opposition party have begun to make the right noises in support of Anna Hazare. And even the National Advisory Council, a powerful advisory body to Sonia Gandhi have come out in favour of the bill. But corrupt politicians and vested interests are doing all they can to kill it.
Anna Hazare has set the example. But only a national citizens movement can ramp up the pressure to get Singh to endorse “Jan” Lokpal and save Hazare’s life. Sign the petition and forward it to everyone now:
Corruption in politics has become a plague across our country, it is draining our resources and demoralizing our nation. This bill would go a long way to deterring those that steal and undermine the public good. Last year, the Avaaz community in Brazil won an important victory — against the odds millions of people came together and pushed through a historic anti-corruption law. India has a proud history of people power overcoming oppression — today if we all stand with one voice we can fight this corruption that is poisoning our political system.
Saloni, Shibayan, Ricken, Ben and the whole Avaaz team.


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11 responses to “Gandhian Fasts to Death For India Revolution Against Corruption

  1. Fr.Tomy Kuruvilla

    Finally someone has the COURAGE to bell the Cat.
    Reading and seeing the fabulous response by the Civil Society at large,including School going kids,one can easily understand the disillusionment of the common man. Definitely we have remained passive for a very long time tolerating a lot of hypocrisy and silently endorsing the propagators of corruption. What we have seen and heard so far probably must be just the tip of an ice-burg.
    I am sure Anna Hazare has given the people their spine back. In this context I would like to state that the responsibility of irradiating Corruption does not just lie with the Government alone,but also with every citizen. I would add as times have changed we Religious and priests too have an active role to play as individuals who are professed to be the conscience of the public.
    I really wish that a couple of deserving priests and religious find their way to the parliament to be the moral conscience of the Governing body.Nothing new ,after all Fr.Vadakan and Fr.jacob tried their best to change the trend some 50 & 25 years before. Now that we are ahead by decades nothing wrong in thinking of organsing a CHRISTIAN DEMOCRATIC PARTY headed by priests and Religous to find our representation to the Governing body.We are professed individuals for perfection…………salvation would be more holistic.

    • chhotebhai

      Anna has captured the collective mood of the nation, with people going ballistic in supporting his anti-corruption campaign, which was launched in New Delhi this 5th April. I myself, as convenor of the Bhrashtachar Virodhi Andolan in Kanpur, gathered together about 40 diverse social, civic and religious groups for a day long silent fast and a 1000 strong rally in his support on the 5th. It spawned a chain reaction of spontaneous protests, signature campaigns and candle light marches.
      You may also see “The Muck Starts Here” and my other writings on my bolg

  2. C.M. Paul

    NEW DELHI (TOI) : A day after he ended his fast demanding a stronger anti-graft Lokpal Bill, social activist Anna Hazare Sunday said the process of formulating the act will be videographed and the procedures will be made public.
    “The committee will start its work on the draft from April 16, the procedures will be videographed and made public. The procedure will be totally transparent, from formulation to the time after it is passed and selection of Lokpal,” Hazare told reporters.
    “If people find out any shortcoming they can point this out,” he said. Stating that questions were being asked if the bill will solve the problem of corruption, Anna Hazare said that if not 100%, it will solve the problem of corruption upto 90%.
    “People ask if it will solve problem of corruption, if not 100% , it will solve the problem 90%. The rest will be done through the medium of electoral reforms and decentralisation of power,” he said.

  3. Aman Garg

    Dear gentleman
    Thanks for supporting Anna Haraze.
    Please remember that Anna Haraze(like Mahatma Gandhi) is not a christian. So according to the bible. Please tell me if he will be in heaven or hell after death. Also I would like to where where Mahatma Gandhi would be right now(heaven or hell). Please remember, he too died as non-believer.
    You don’t have to answer this question on this blog. But please do yourself a favor. PLEASE ASK THIS QUESTION TO YOURSELF AND BE TRUTHFUL ABOUT IT.

    • C.M. Paul

      “Not everyone who calls out to me, ‘Lord! Lord!’ will enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Only those who actually do the will of my Father in heaven will enter. Mathew 7:21, New Living Translation (©2007)

      • Aman Garg

        If I understand the statement correctly, you are saying according to the bible, Mahatma Gandhi and Anna Haraze would burn in hell. Is that correct?

      • C.M. Paul

        Dear Aman, I see that you are hell bent on heaven! Well, heaven or hell is a matter of choice. One opts for it. That means one is willing to live by it! Not mere lip service, but deeds! So, a mere temple, masjid or church going person can claim heaven just because he or she has a religion label. Hence, G or H, opts for heaven and lives by heavenly deeds and gets to heaven! And vice versa for hell! QED.

  4. Aman Garg

    Dear Shri Paul
    Thank you very much for sending a response. With due respects, I am not sure if my question was understood by you. Maybe I did not state my question correctly :). I apologize if what I stated was not clear. My question was, we all know the deeds done by Mahatma Gandhi and Anna Hazare. Now, according the bible, would Mahatma Gandhi have attained salvation (Forget heaven/hell for now. You seem to like playing with words – I enjoyed reading it though) even though, as we all know, he did not accept Christ? So must have millions of others in the past who were good hearted but have died without accepting Christ.
    You also mentioned that one needs to ‘opt’ for heaven through their ‘deeds’. I couldn’t agree more. Just that you and I seem to have different ideas on what those ‘deeds’ are. According to me if a person is good hearted and always thinks well of others and does good to others, it DOES NOT MATTER AT ALL what his OBJECT OF WORSHIP OR HIS FAITH IS. He will attain heaven or will have good lives hereafter.
    But according to bible, however good a person is and what ever good deeds a person has done, he cannot attain salvation unless he accepts Christ. Please think if this can EVER be correct.
    As I stated in my earlier mail, you don’t have to answer this question on this blog if you don’t want to or cannot. But I request you to please think about this question, ask YOURSELF this question and be truthful to YOURSELF about it. That alone will bring about realization. From my side, I would be too willing to continue this interesting conversation of ours.

    • C.M. Paul

      Dear Aman, I have a very short span of attention. Normally, I don’t entertain guys or gals without their proper identity… But as Jesus had a disciple, rather coward, who would come to see him by night for fear of Jewish elders… His name was Nicodemus… a well learned guy and sincere seeker, loved and respected Jesus… I have learnt to tolerate you dear Aman, who hides his or her identity for reasons best known to you!
      Well, now coming to one of your many queries (pls remember, keep short queries while blogging)… Here is an episode from the life of Jesus.
      John [apostle] said to him, “Teacher, we saw someone who doesn’t follow us casting out demons in your name; and we forbade him, because he doesn’t follow us.”
      But Jesus said, “Don’t forbid him, for there is no one who will do a mighty work in my name, and be able quickly to speak evil of me. For whoever is not against us is on our side. (Mark 9:38-41)

      • Aman Garg

        Dear Shri Paul
        I really appreciate your quick response. Thank you once again for that. I was really expecting a good spiritual answer from a learned person like you. I apologize to say that was disappointed with your response. Whatever made you think about my identity, I leave it to your best judgment.
        Thanks for sharing a nice story about Nicodemus. Tolerance is a word that I have never liked. It is like saying “I hate this guy, but I am still tolerating him”. I always use the word ‘acceptance’ (which means I will absorb others culture and religion to my own and NOT say “Mine is the only way and yours is not”. That is the culture that WE have come from – I mean YOU AND ME.). Thanks for tolerating me nevertheless.
        Any reason why you gave the example of John saying “we saw someone who doesn’t follow us casting out demons in your name …”? I have never criticized Christ in any of my posts. Please help me understand.
        I am wondering how you say “one of my many queries”… there was only one question in my post for which I still have NOT got an answer. I apologize if my post was lengthy.
        I once again state, you don’t have to answer my question on this blog if you don’t want to or cannot. But I request you to please think about this question, ask YOURSELF this question and be truthful to YOURSELF about it.

  5. Anna hazare should be supported as he is fighting for the country and against all who thing corruption is being profitable for them . I don’t understand why government is not legalizing THE LOKPAL BILL as government ask the people of india to pay all there taxes ,so there should be a rule with which people can ask where there money is used

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