Vatican Calls Catholic bloggers

ROME – A meeting for bloggers will take place in Rome on the afternoon of Monday 2 May 2011. The aim of the meeting, which is being organised by the Pontifical Councils for Culture and Social Communications, is to allow for a dialogue between bloggers and Church representatives, to listen to the experiences of those who are actively involved in this arena, and to achieve a greater understanding of the needs of that community. The meeting will also allow for a presentation of some of the initiatives to engage with new media practitioners being taken by the Church, both in Rome and at the local level.
In two panels, speakers will open up some of the key issues in order to set up a more general discussion open to all participants. The first panel will involve 5 bloggers – they will be chosen to represent different language groups and each will address a specific theme of general relevance. The second panel will draw on people involved in the Church’s communications outreach – they will speak of their experiences in working with new media and initiatives aimed at ensuring an effective engagement by the Church with bloggers.
The meeting is taking place on the day after the Beatification of Pope John Paul II in order to take advantage of the likely presence in Rome of many bloggers. The invitation is open to all, but bloggers who wish to attend need to apply by emailing and sending a link to their blog. As space is limited to 150 seats and there is a desire to have a representation of the entire blogosphere, entrance passes and further details will be distributed with a view to the diversity of language and geography, typology of blogs (institutional or private, multivoice or personal), subjects of blogs, and timeliness of request.
Simultaneous translation will be provided for Italian, English, French, Polish and Spanish.
The venue is the Palazzo San Pio X, in via della Conciliazione, 5, close to St Peter’s Square, Rome.



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2 responses to “Vatican Calls Catholic bloggers

  1. C.M. Paul

    Let bloggers blog, says Indian priest George Plathottam
    Bishops’ conference media secretary calls for Church media reform

  2. Allwyn Fernandes

    This 150 bloggers must be a joke — 150 seats in a universal church for 126 million bloggers as of 2009 (as tracked for BlogPulse)!
    How many of them are reserved for the ordained? So how many does that leave us, unordained and for the second gender (second deliberate, because that’s how the first gender in the Church sees them!)
    If the Vatican was serious, they would have organised a Webinar – online- and allowed us all to participate. We do that all the time in the secular world. They could have done it in three or four time zones. Shouldn’t the Vatican be doing this the modern way when technology enables it? Or are the men in the Vatican still in the pre-Internet age?

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