Top Cop Takes on Gujarat Chief Minister

Sanjeev Bhatt IPS

NEW DELHI – Top Gujarat police officer Sanjeev Bhatt, has openly challenged Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi by accusing him of wanting to teach Muslims a “lesson” after the Godhra train attack in 2002. Bhatt, in his affidavit, said: “The chief minister expressed the view that the emotions were running very high among the Hindus and it was imperative that they be allowed to vent out their anger,” after the death of 59 kar sevaks when two bogies of the Sabramati Express were set afire Feb 27, 2002.
“This time the situation warranted that the Muslims be taught a lesson to ensure that such incidents do not recur ever again,” Bhatt quoted the chief minister as saying when a section of officers told him that bringing the bodies of the train burning victims to Ahmedabad from Godhra would only inflame passions. Mr. Bhatt also expressed his doubts about the neutrality of the Special Investigative Team (SIT) probing the violence that followed and which claimed over 1,000 lives.
Bhatt, in his Supreme Court affidavit filed on 14 April 2011, has also accused the Supreme Court-appointed SIT, headed by former CBI Director R.K. Raghavan, of a “cover-up” operation. Answering a question by a news channel on Friday (22 April 2011) on pressure on him to withdraw his testimony, Bhatt said: “I have never backed out from saying the truth anywhere, anytime in my life. He said that any kind of pressure would only make him more determined. “Instead of worrying me, this kind of subversion makes me more resolute because all I am doing is stating the truth. I am stating what I know,” said Bhatt, a 1988 batch Indian Police Service officer.
An IIT Mumbai graduate Bhatt added that he had not publicly disclosed the information earlier as he was governed by conduct rules. “I was privy to a whole lot of information as an intelligence officer. So I can only disclose if I was under a legal consideration and not before that,” he said, pointing out that he had covered all these points in his testimony to SIT.
In 2002, Bhatt was based in Gandhinagar as deputy commissioner of intelligence in the State Intelligence Bureau. He is now posted as principal of the State Reserve Police Centre in Junagarh. Bhatt said there was no question of his leaving the police force. “Not at all. I have 13 more years to go.”
The 47-year-old police officer added that concerns of safety of his family had been raised in his affidavit. He said that he had asked the state police to upgrade his security, but this was ignored – rather, his current security detail was also withdrawn. Allotted to the Gujarat cadre on joining the IPS, Bhatt has served in various capacities in the state.
From December 1999 to September 2002, he served as deputy commissioner of intelligence in the State Intelligence Bureau in Gandhinagar. His job was to keep tabs on internal security, border and coastal security and security of vital installations. He was also entrusted with the security of the chief minister.
Bloggers fear that Bhatt could any day soon, be arrested on trumped up or flimsy charges and put away, or even bumped by Modi’s thugs. Not only, Modi is so well fire-walled, that nothing ever can affect the BJP prime ministerial candidate.


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  1. C.M. Paul

    Gujarat govt withdraws security cover of IPS officer who deposed against Modi
    ENS, Posted: Fri Apr 29 2011, 00:36 hrs
    Days after he submitted an affidavit in the Supreme Court to say Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi wanted “Muslims taught a lesson” for “the burning of kar sevaks at Godhra” in 2002, IPS officer Sanjiv Bhatt’s security detail was withdrawn on the orders of the state Director General of Police. Instead of four guards, he will now have a lone policeman guarding him. Read MORE

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