Vatican Blogger Meet Up-date

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ROME, (C.M. Paul)   – Those invited to attend the Vatican Meeting with Bloggers on Monday 2 May 2011 will report to the Palazzo Pio X entrance on via dell’ospedale, which is off via della Conciliazione, 5, at 3.30pm.
The invitation is strictly personal and participants are asked to bring some form of Proof of Identity.
The participants are reminded that “As the event has been timed to coincide with the Beatification of John Paul II, PCCS or any otherVaticandicasteri are not supplying assistance with travel, lodging or visa costs or logistics.”
The event has received warm response with various parallel initiatives, including the creation of other meetings and groups, a facebook page, a wikispaces, twitter, and the live feeds being set up for the meeting.
One such event is The *Other* Rome Blognic on the afternoon of 3 May. The reason for an alternate blogmeet is the fear that the so-called ‘Taliban Catholics’ won’t be heard or selected for the official meeting. This second blogmeet is presented as one that will be fun and that will actually be about something, essentially a meeting that will matter.
It’s a rather premature conclusion to draw that only moderate bloggers will be invited to the official blogmeet, while those that tackle the difficult questions and are sometimes critical about Church leadership and policies will be ignored. And, added to that, I think that the official meeting should be embraced and supported by all bloggers, exactly because it is among the first tentative steps of theVaticaninto the blogosphere. Hosting an alternate meeting will hardly do much good towards creating a unified blogging community working with the Church.
Meanwhile, have a look at the “official schedule”
15.30   Registration
16.00   A Word of Welcome: His Eminence Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi, President, PCC

MODERATOR: Rocco Palmo
François Jeanne-Beylot
Andrés Beltramo
Elizabeth Scalia
P. Roderick Vonhögen
Matia Madasco
17.30   Pause
18.00   PANEL II
MODERATOR: P. Antonio Spadaro S.J.
P. Federico Lombardi S.J.
P. Lucio Ruiz
Thaddeus Jones
Eva Janosikova
Marco Sanavio

19.15   Conclusions: His Excellency Archbishop Claudio Maria Celli, President, PCSC
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One response to “Vatican Blogger Meet Up-date

  1. Mary Catherine Kennedy

    Hi CM Paul:

    I’m a PhD student in Ohio working on a project that revolves around the Vatican Blognic. I’ve been searching your blog for contact information (an email) but have come up short it seems. I’d be very interested in communicating with you for my project!

    Thanks so much!
    Mary Catherine

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