H20news Web TV for all Catholic sites

ROME – The communications of the Church are becoming increasingly multimedia. The latest innovation available for Catholic web pages is the ability to create, by a simple click, their own Web TV, with live events (like the beatification of John Paul II) and video on demand (news, interviews, and reporting).
This is a new, free initiative launched in collaboration with the Vatican Television Center, Vatican Radio and the H2Onews multimedia agency.
Registration for the service is immediate, as you do not need specialized expertise to be able to use the Web TV on your own site.
The Web TV can be downloaded in two formats: maxi (760×420 pixels), ideal for Media or Video sites; and mini (330×550 pixels), ideal for personal sites, or sites which are already rich in content.
To download the code for free, which permits the insertion of Web TV on Catholic web sites, it is necessary to register directly on the h2onews web page, at the address www.h2onews.org.
H2onews, Your Good News Source, is a Catholic news service on a worldwide scale that creates and distributes multimedia news, every day, in nine languages. The news focuses on the life of the Church and on social and cultural events that directly pertain to Catholics living in the world.
H2Onews offers its multimedia services free of charge to Catholic television, web sites and radio stations so that the Pope’s words and news about the Church are available to everyone interested. H2onews is a digital platform that lets everyone share their video professionalism because H2onews exists to give a voice to all Catholic communities worldwide.
H2onews is at the service of Catholic communication in the world, and wants to create a “network within a network.”
How did the project start? H2onews springs from the Pope’s request to use modern methods of communication for evangelization and promoting peace and development (cfr. World Social Communications Day, May 8, 2005).
H2onews was born during the First World Congress of Catholic Television inMadridin October 2006, hosted by the Pontifical Council for Social Communications.
The goal of H2onews is to respond to the need for growth in worldwide Catholic communication. This challenge was taken up by a group of television and information professionals who have created H2onews. This team draws on the professional experience of the Sisters of the Home of the Mother, which has been gifted with a talent for audiovisual communication.
Why the name H2Onews? H2o is the chemical formula for water, a vital element. This multimedia service is like water for every user: refreshing information that springs from the Gospel. In Christian tradition, water is a symbol of life, purification, salvation and renewal. H2Onews was born inRome, the capital of Catholicism.
Do any other Catholic media services contribute to H2Onews? Other television and producers are an essential part of H2onews. They are not only users of the audiovisual news service, but active participants as well, sharing information, reports, interviews and music videos. To list a few of those who participate: The Vatican Television Center, Vatican Radio, Salt & Light TV, Popular Television, KTO, EWTN and Cançao Nova.
What is editorial philosophy of H2Onews? H2onews takes a Catholic view of reality based on the official position of the Church’s authorities.
H2onews is the first worldwide Catholic information service that offers its audiovisual news services for free of charge, in eight languages.
Why online? H2onews believes that communication creates communion. Today, the most widespread distribution network is the internet, equal to television in terms of individual users. The internet’s ease of access gives many people the possibility to share their experiences, professionalism and talents.
This site is produced and managed by H2Onews Italia srl – P.IVA 09474701001 – Legal Headquarters is Via delle Fornaci 44, 000165, Rome.


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