JP2 Beatification, first Vatican major event to be filmed in 3D

CTV 3D unit in St Peter's Square

VATICAN CITY, (C.M. Paul) – Pope John Paul II beatification will be filmed in 3D – the first time that such technology has been used at a major Vaticanevent. The latest TV coverage complements a range of multimedia that will be used by the Vaticanto share the three days of beatification events with more than a billion Catholics around the world. For the special events Vatican TV, or Centro Televisivo Vaticano (CTV), will use a mobile unit worth 3.6 million euros of which 800,000 euros were donated by the Knights of Columbus.
CTV will use 16 TV cameras, 8 high-definition cameras and at least three 3D cameras all of which will be in a 14-metre mobile unit.
The HD outside broadcast van Sony has created for CTV is over 45 feet long, 8 feet wide and 13 feet high, and features a double expandable layout for extra space in the production zones. Its four operating areas include the audio room, equipment room, primary and secondary production control with VTR and camera control. Primary production control is equipped with an MVS-8000G video mixer for maximum flexibility and integration in the handling of incoming and outgoing signals, and sixteen HDC-1400 series HD fiber optic video cameras for optimum performance and ergonomics.
Last November (2010) Sony Professional delivered a brand new, state-of-the-art HD OB truck to CTV which was up and running by the end of the year.
If the 3D shoot is successful, the technology will be used for other transmissions from the Vatican in the future. As the beatification ceremony is filmed from the ground, police helicopters equipped with TV cameras will patrol the city from the air and extra police will patrol the streets as an estimated one million pilgrims arrive in Rome for the ceremony.
The Vatican has established a beatification Facebook page – – which has already had more than six million visits and has more than 45,000 followers. A special website entitled aimed at younger pilgrims offers Iphone applications and access to YouTube video.
Saturday, April 30 the Circus Maximus prayer vigil will be broadcast live by CTV, through the technical facilities provided by “Don Bosco Missions – Media Centre inTurin.
For the beatification event, theVatican is declared “no flight zone” andSt Peter’s Square has been cordoned off since Thursday. Some two million faithful are expected to be accommodated inSt Peter’s Square and spilling on to Via della Concilizaione and upto the riverTiber. 14 giant TV screens are put up for put upto facilitate pilgrims to follow the open air event.  The Vatican Radio will provide live FM transmissions of the event in major languages to help pilgrims follow the major media event, which is expected to out shadow last Friday’s British royal wedding.


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