Don Bosco Relics Pilgrimage Leaves Miracle Trail in Kohima

Figure in blue in the sanctuary from Kevin's camera.

KOHIMA, (C.M. Paul) – The Relics of St JohnBosco has allegedly left a miracle trail in Kohima. The relics which reached Nagaland (4th May) from Manipur received a colourful welcome with students dressed up in traditional attires.

The Angami Catholic Union provided a motorcade escort to the relics in the Angami area. “They had over 100 vehicles including cars, jeeps and motor cycles forming a motorcade for Don Bosco,” says Rector of Don Bosco School Kohima Fr Dennis.

Professor of English Literature at Kohima University Salesian Fr. A.J. Sebastian, a diabetic patient for some 15 years, claims to have experienced healing during the prayer vigil with Don Bosco Relics at the Christ the King Parish Kohima, 5th May.

Figure in blue, facing DB relics, Nelson's camera.

“I feel completely normal these days,” says Fr Sebastian Alevanthara giving testimony at Sunday Mass on third day of healing. “I still continue to check my sugar level,” he said affirming his belief in the miracle.

The Rector of Salesian College Dimapur Fr Vincent Kunnathetttu reports some extra ordinary happenings connected with the relics of Don Bosco at Christ King Parish Kohima. He was in Kohima to pay homage to the relics.

Face in pain, far end on the wall, Nelson's camera.

“People are reporting extraordinary happenings they captured on mobile phone camera during the relics veneration after the solemn Eucharist at the Christ the King Parish, says assistant parish priest Fr Job Kallarackal.

In one photo is seen the figure of a lady in blue dress in the sanctuary watching over Don Bosco Relics (taken by Don Bosco Kohima, 17 year old boy Nelson Nourhevilie). It is strange that a lady is seen in the sanctuary when no one is allowed to enter sanctuary,” says veteran missionary Fr Kallarackal.

Almost at the same time another Don Bosco Kohima boy Kevin Kevilhousalie, (18 years) taking photos from another angle captured the same image of the lady in blue in the sanctuary!  The lady seen walking toward the altar in the photo does not resemble Our Lady Mary Help of Christians also seen in the photo, instead the lady in the photo looks more like Our Lady Mary Immaculate.

Jesus look alike above DB's head, Nevi's camera.

Nelson’s camera also captured a something like a Jesus face on the wall across the relic casket.

Another photo taken by Nevi  a Jesus Youth boy shows a male figure [Jesus look alike] standing at the head of Don Bosco Relics never seen before in KohimaVillage.

Fr Kunnathettu vouches, “the photos are not manipulated. I got the pictures from the mobile [which shot it].

In a fifth extraordinary photo, Don Bosco’s hand is seen raised in blessing, even though Don Bosco’s hands remain joined and resting on his chest. Shot by Silvia, a Bethany Sister of Christ King Parish, the photo when printed did not show raised hand even though it is clearly visible on mobile screen!

“I came into the picture two days later on 7th May morning. I had the photos printed in enlarged size for study. The only claim I rejected was that of Don Bosco’s right hand which is clearly seen on mobile screen in the act of blessing, but did not appear so in the printed photo. All other claims can be seen clearly in the printed photos too.

On Sunday we had extensive discussions and study of the photos, while on Monday (9 May) I took it to the Vicar General (Kohima diocese does not have a bishop for over  a year). The VG took time to study and gave rational interpretations and came to the conclusion, “let it go, if it can increase people’s faith.”

“People were emotionally and spiritually moved with the relics pilgrimage. We had prepared the people through catechetical instruction on the meaning of relics and its significance in Christian life,” said Fr Kallarackal explaining the high degree of receptivity and devotion among the people.

Meanwhile, on May 6, after a morning Eucharist at ChristKingChurchKohimaVillage, the relics left for Savio Home, Zubza and later for Wokha (Nagaland) 7th May. From there the relics proceeded to Don Bosco Amguri in Sibsagar district of Assam. En route, at the insistence of the parish priest of Woka, Golaghat district (Assam) Fr Caesar Henry, Don Bosco Relics made a stop over. During the brief stay at the diocesan parish, the charismatic preacher Fr Caesar Henry organized a solemn Eucharistic celebration followed by healing service. Over 6,000 mostly local Adivasi people (also non-Catholic) joined the event, “ says Fr. Theotimus Lakra of Don Bosco Youth Centre Kohima.

Hand raised in blessing, Silvia's camera.

Fr. Caesar Henry adds, “it is true that some people were healed of their sickness but the authenticity is yet to be confirmed. But greater miracle is that, before [my] parish had little progress, after the relics visit their faith is revived.” For EXTRAORDINARY reports from other countries pls click this link:



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14 responses to “Don Bosco Relics Pilgrimage Leaves Miracle Trail in Kohima

  1. C.M. Paul

    These are allegedly extraordinary happenings. For those who believe no explanation is needed. But for those who do not believe, no explanation is possible. If ever, there is a miracle, it will be the conversion of hearts! The miracle of Don Bosco’s sons and daughters, becoming more like him, caring for the poor and marginalized boys and girls… this will be the miracle of on-going miracles!

    • Isaac Pervez Gill ( Pastor )

      Hi, thanks for the email, we are friends in Jesus Christ I like to say one thing if you like to start church in Lahore Pakistan so I offer my services as pastor. I am self support pastor preaching here by my own. May the Lord Jesus Christ bless you. Amen

  2. Melvyn R Gilbert

    Rightly said, Fr Paul, this can not be explained to those who do not believe. As far as my knowledge in cameras are concerned, no camera invented so far has been able to photograph supernatural entities, though I am not ruling out the presence of Lord Jesus or the Holy Spirit in Kohima during the above mentioned event. So I am afraid, I wouldn’t really go by those photographs.
    However, for us Christians, who believe in the Lord & His glory, miracles do happen; they happen in our lives everyday… we just need to realise, thank & praise God for his unparalleled love and continue doing the will of Our Father in Heaven, just like Don Bosco taught us.

  3. christuantony

    There seems a great grain of truth in what Fr. C.M. Paul sdb, seems to have said. I myself have seen the mobile photos downloaded to the computer. There is absolutely no manipulation over the images. The images seem to be normal and clear as far as one can see. From what is reported to me that no one was allowed to dot around the sanctuary at the time of the apparition. Besides they look completely different from the ordinary people who seem to be there. As for the image of Jesus at the head of the blessed relic of Don Bosco, it looks very much likened to the image of christ. It is impossible for any one to doubt that as the image of Jesus stands there in His full form as far as one can see and also in meditation. It is truly the divine presence that have accompanied the image during the vigil service. Definitively the divine seem to send a message of his presence with the relic of St. John Bosco who was and is His beloved priest and endearing apostle of the Young… My faith is strengthened and my joy is doubled. Besides, I was present and an eye -witness to the warming devotion of catholic Adivasis and Lotha Nagas and others (Assamese and others who surrounded the blessed relic at Woka dusmile enroute to Merapani). It was an electrifying situation of devotion, love and homage to the great saint. He is not confined to the Salesian world but to the catholic and to the whole world …. Long Live Don Bosco!!

  4. DUMON Jacques

    Although I try to be a pious and devout catholic and quick to believe in miracles, I have difficulties to believe these pictures due to the poor quality of those displayed here.
    This website would be better inspired in providing good enlargements so that everyone can make himself an opinion.

    • Augusta

      I am a big believer in miracles too, but for the life of me I can’t see anything supernatural at all in these pics. Especially the one about his hand being raised in a blessing. His hands are on his chest just like in the rest of the pics. There is something on the person’s clothing in the background and I think this is where they’re getting that from. I’m sorry, but this is a huge stretch in my opinion.

  5. Sannjay

    I do believe in miracles. They happen around us every day. The rising of the Sun, the birth of a child, the blossoming of a flower – everything that happens around us. I believe in all of them and praise the almighty power that bids them happen. What I do not believe in is the way, we in India tend to let our silly superstitions get ahead of us and “create” miracles of our own. I think it is wrong and not in the spirit of Christianity to “see things” and then try and make other impressionable souls see them. What you choose to describe as a miracle is in fact an optical aberration caused by mobile cameras that are still trying to fix the problem of “ghosting,” – which, far from anything occult or supernatural is the kind of blur that mobile cameras leave when you pan them too fast. Each and every image in this series is attached to a physical object, if you look closely. I am prepared to wager that in the first picture, the guy in the blue shirt would have just taken a picture (like the person to his left) with his mobile and resumed his seat when the picture was taken. Let us not waste time in forcing non-miracles down the throats of gullible devotees; for in doing this, we miss out on the real miracles that are happening around us. It will be a sad day if man’s imperfect technology is elevated to the status of a miracle, since it seems to belittle and make a mockery of the greatness of the Lord and his emissary saints.

  6. bidya ng

    wow…this is supernatural!! culd’nt bliv dis strange miracle just took place… my mom was ryte ol the time..” if u hev complete faith in the unseen god u beliv inside of u ,miracles do happen”.

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  8. Anisha Gothorp

    I may not be right, but the lady clad in a blue shawl can also be a pilgrim.If no one is allowed to enter the Sanctuary,then why did the person who was taking the pics not approach her…also, the pics are very vague and are not clear enough to prove the claims.

  9. Jeyaraj,SJ

    Knowing, loving and admiring such an extraordinary lover and mentor of world youth by the millions who throng to venerate the relic is in itself a miracle. Till today, there has never been another Don Bosco whose life and legacy transformed millions of youths as did our St.John Bosco.
    This pilgrimage is recreating his life before us today !

  10. John

    Look alike like ‘Jesus’ is just a reflection! Please watch it carefull!
    Its actually a fair girl and her reflection on the glass makes looks it like Jesus. And about his raised hands, its the shutter speed of the camera which took the blur. His hands still remains to be in the same position. (No offence)

    I do like St.John Bosco as he transformed a lot of people. But the fact is that its very hard to believe without proper evidences. 🙂

    • Watch carefully… the Jesus look alike could be the reflection of a fair girl – with a beard!
      As for the “hand” sticking out photo, when a print was taken it did not show it and was discarded by the parish priest.
      The entire so called extraordnary photos were taken by cellphone cameras which has no manual adjustments, to control shutter speed etc.
      DON’T BELIVE YOUR EYES… it could just be a tirck of your imagiantion!

  11. Peter Murray

    The most significant miracle related to St. Bosco is the on-going good works of his legacy working through the Salesians.

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