Don Bosco Relics Bless Muslim Teacher

Don Bosco Relics venerated in Dibrugarh, Assam.

DULIAJAN (Dibrugarh) – It is reported that Don Bosco Relics arriving Upper Assam (Tinsukia) has left signs of extraordinary happenings. Earlier, Kohima in Nagaland too witnessed some extraordinary events, reported last week.
Former vice-provincial of Dimapur province and Rector of Don Bosco School Dibrugarh Fr Jonas Kerketta reports.
From 7.30 a.m. 10 May 2011 to 4.30 a.m. 11 May 2011 the Relic of Don Bosco was in Don Bosco, Tinsukia,Upper Assam.

Ms. Victoria Horo (25), younger sister of Fr. Kamil Horo sdb, of Jhalkiapara village under diocesan Parish of Duliajan (Upper Assam) went to pray to Don Bosco in Don Bosco, Tinsukia.  A polio victim from childhood, she prayed earnestly for a miraculous cure for her one leg that is slightly shorter, so that she won’t have to limp. She did not experience any extraordinary healing.

(a) On 11 May 2011 Victoriawent for her duty at Rose Bud School, Tingrai Chariali. She is a nursery teacher in the same school. Her helper, Miss Nuri Khan (21), Muslim by religion, was suffering from severe pain in the joint of her left hand for one year. Victoria massaged Nuri’s hand while quietly praying to Don Bosco. Nuri said she experienced great relief during the massage session. On 13th May Ms.Victoria asked Nuri how she felt. Nuri said all her pain has disappeared.

(b) Gaining confidence in Victoria’s power of intercession, Nuri told Victoria that her elder brother Vaitullah Khan (24), a petty business man, was suffering from a malignant wound, from which blood and water was oozing out. On 16th May, Victoria took a small bottle which contained last bits of the liquid medicine Vaithullah was using and inserted few drops of “holy oil.” (On 10th May Victoria had carried a small bottle of ordinary oil to Tinsukia and had touched Don Bosco’s casket with the oil bottle. She believes since then the oil has become ‘holy’).

Next day, on 17th May, Vaitullah, after bath, applied a few drops of the oil-cum-medicine to his festering wound. Vaitullah Khan’s mother immediately informedVictoria that her son’s wound was drying very fast. Lots of money had been spent earlier for Vaitullah’s treatment but to no effect.

Fr. Kerketta says, “I spoke through mobile to Victoria and Nuri this morning (20 May, 2011) and they confirmed both these two cures.”

The relics which arrived in Imphal on 29 April 2011, on its first leg of pilgrimage throughIndiahas passed through Manipur and Nagaland is currently inUpper Assam.

The India pilgrimage which will last till 30 November 2011 is in preparation for the bicentenary of Don Bosco’s birth on 16 August 2015. The pilgrimage which started on 31 January 2009 in Valdocco,Turin(Italy) is expected to visit 130 countries.

The Salesian family in India includes the Salesian fathers and brothers of Don Bosco, Salesian Sisters, together with over 30,000 educators, several religious societies inspired by the spirit of Don Bosco and his educational methods. There are also thousands of Alumni who played active role in the reception of the relics.

Besides, running regular schools and colleges, there are also some 150 Technical Institutions spread out in in the country making Don Bosco Tech India second only to the Government in providing vocational education.

Read about “extraordinary” happenings during DB Relics visit in Kohima


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