Don Bosco Relics Bless Hindu and Christian Believers in Dibrugarh

Dimapur Vice-provincial Fr Nestor Guria welcomes DB Relics to Don Bosco School Dibrugarh

DIBRUGARH, Assam (C.M. Paul) – In an earlier report of extraordinary happenings related to Don Bosco Relics Visit to Tinsukia, former vice-provincial of Dimapur province and Rector of Don Bosco School Dibrugarh Fr. Jonas Kerketta SDB reported two extraordinary blessings a Muslim family received. This time, Fr Kerketta reports on Don Bosco Relics Pilgrimage and extraordinary blessings showered on Hindu and Christian believers in Dibrugarh. From 10.30 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. on 12th May 2011 Don Bosco’s Relic was in the Cathedral Church of Dibrugarh.

(a) Ms. Roseline Lakra (32) of Hathiali Tea Estate under Dibrugarh Parish, had been suffering from Gastric ailment and general weakness for quite sometime. The doctor had said she needed blood transfusion. On 12th May Roseline went to pray to Don Bosco in the Dibrugarh Cathedral. Touching the casket she prayed fervently. Before taking leave of Don Bosco’s Relics she picked up some flowers from the casket. On reaching home she ate some of those flowers. She became cured. She went to see her doctor. The doctor confirmed that she was strong enough and did not need blood transfusion. Her Gastric problem too disappeared. This morning (20 May 2011) I got this event confirmed from the diocesan Parish Priest-cum-Chancellor, Fr. Vijay Kumar Toppo.

People flock to pray and pay homage to DB Relics

Again, from 1.45 p.m. 12th May to 5.30 a.m. 13th May 2011, Don Bosco Relic was in DonBoscoSchool, Dibrugarh.
(a) Mrs. Purnima Saikia (45), a senior teacher in Junior Don Bosco School, Dibrugarh (Hindu by religion), was suffering from sleeplessness for the last two years. She had spent lot of money on doctors and even astrologers but without the desired results. As a consequence her health was deteriorating. On 12th May she prayed near the casket of Don Bosco. From that day onwards she has peaceful sleep. When I contacted her late last night (19 May 2011) she said she is still enjoying peaceful sleep and says she is very grateful to Don Bosco. She has shared this fact only with her son Anurag Saikia (22) in Bangalore, and a chosen few.

(b) Miss Anumita Saha is another Hindu teacher in Junior Don Bosco School, Dibrugarh. Her father Mr. Ranjit Saha (54) works in a transport office. For some days he had been experiencing anxious moments due to some problem in the office. On 12th May Anumita wrote a prayer to Don Bosco and dropped it in the petition box. On her return home that day she found her dad totally relaxed and happy….

Anumita lost her mother when her younger brother Debojit Saha (now 22) was 2/3 years old. He did not have a normal childhood. Somehow he managed to pass HSLC (School leaving) examinations and got a job. But he was very irresponsible and irregular in his work. Anumita (now acting like a mother in the family) was worried for him. In the prayer-note she prayed for her brother too. Anumita says, Debojit now has very much improved: he is showing signs of responsible behaviour and is regular in his work. Anumita continues to pray to Don Bosco and is very grateful to him.

Mr. Dominic Deposi, Dibrugarh DonBoscoSchoolclerk, on 12th May asked Fr Kerketta to request the congregation to pray for his 1st cousin, Mr. Gerard Frank,during Holy Eucharist. Mr. Frank (53) had been suffering from brain haemorrhage in a Kanpur hospital in Uttar Pradesh. On 8th May 2011 Frank went into coma. The doctors said he could not be operated upon. During the Mass on 12th May the congregation prayed fervently for Mr. Frank. On 13th May another doctor visited Mr. Frank. He said he would attempt to operate Mr. Frank. He did so immediately. The operation turned out to be successful! Today Mr. Dominic Deposi (our clerk atSchool) personally told me his cousin Mr. Frank is out of the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) and is beginning to recognize people.
Fr. Jonas Kerketta SDB may be contacted at
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