DB Relic Miracle Trail in Guwahati

Sr Grace Sebastian & Teachers await DB, 31 May.

GUWAHATI: During the pilgrim visit, Sr.Catherine K.P, addressed the gathering saying that “the relic of St. John Bosco is being  brought to our region so that it may bring blessing to the people and also serve as an inspiration to all those working on behalf of youth. It is a glorious moment for us to welcome Don Bosco in St. Mary`s Maligaon.”

Further addressing the young people of the school she said that they were the privileged group to witness this great and significant event. She quoted the words of Don Bosco to the young people, “For you I Study, For you I work, For you I Live, ….“

Sr Grace Sebastian from St Mary’s School reports, some extraordinary events that have happened since Don Bosco Relic visit, 31st May.

One of our senior teachers was attacked by terrorists, the very next day after she paid homage to Don Bosco Relic in St. Mary’s school Guwahati. She believes that Don Bosco saved her life as she was carrying a religious article she put on the relic of Don Bosco. She says, when terrorists saw the religious article, they left her without doing any harm.  This is her belief.

There are also reports of some inner healing for people. It is too early to gather all the information, she says.

However, she adds, “some people who were not talking to each other for one year, have started to relate. Also, some broken families have shown signs that they are beginning to get back to peaceful life.”

The Relic is currently in Shillong, the cradle of Salesian works in northeast India since 1922.

Some useful links on DB Relic Visit and Miracle:


Pls click the link or cut and paste to view a promo video on DB Relics visit to Shillong. http://youtu.be/_h0jjW2hBI8



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11 responses to “DB Relic Miracle Trail in Guwahati

  1. Dictus


  2. C.M. Paul

    Hi Dic,
    This is not a religion blog.
    It is called NewsGrab.
    I report NEWS.

    • Dictus Correya

      That’s precisely the point made here – that “religion” has been reduced to this!
      Also what about the “agenda setting” function of news? What agenda is set by reporting such news?

      • Dr. K. P. Paulson

        Dear Dictus,
        You must be living in a fool’s paradise.
        No body gets into media business without gate keeping and agenda setting!

  3. Frank

    Dear Dic,
    you made a very good observation. congrats! But I must add that news and for that matter ‘good news’ must be reported at all cost. Journalism is exactly that, to conscientise, to provoke, to share. It cannot be limited to what is ‘sensational’! Only an awareness of being at the ‘periphery’ can lead one to the core of things. Chew the crumbs first, get a taste and then – and only then, will you savour the rest!

    • Dictus Correya

      Last Thursday I had the good fortune of listening to a teenager- a tamilian boy, studying in a Christian college in US, preach solid theology based on Romans.Compared to what I heard what is reported here is really “peripheral crumbs”.. which many prefer to keep on consuming while others take it their life’s mission to provide it to the general masses. Makes one wonder who is actually living in a fool’s paradise..!

      • Roy Chowdhury

        Dear Dictus,
        Religious development of people vary from person to person and that the religious needs of people also differ considerably. For some people high level of mediation and mysticism give meaning to life. For others songs, gestures, pilgrimage, rites, relics and simple devotional practices give meaning.
        Simple people often need things tangible and down to earth to experience the divine. A true religion should cater to the needs of all its followers. In fact it is done by all religions. If one does not like to look at the relics of a saint he or she would do well to stay at home and contemplate on his or her Triune God. But he or she has no right to oppose religious practice of another person who finds meaning in another form of religious expression.
        Finally even popular spirituality like veneration of a relic of a saint can be highly meaningful for some people and lead them to live a meaningful religious life. So let us tolerate all religious expressions provide they are not ethically incorrect.

  4. Khroo

    Dear Dictus,
    Congratulations for your keen observation. Journalists have the role of transmitters of facts and neutral reporters of current affairs…

  5. Dominic Jala

    The Relics of D Bosco came to Shillong Cathedral this evening. There were theology professors, philosophy professors, secular college professors, seminarians, religious men and women, children, youth, grown up men an women, the sick, those in trouble….. the simple faith of the people is infectious. I could read in the faces and eyes of our people such devotion during the eucharist and the disciplined way in which they filed past the casket of Don Bosco. There were more than crumbs here. The realm of the Spirit is not just contemplation of the Triune God – but also getting in touch with those who have been transformed by the Triune God – Don Bosco, and the two thousand odd people who packed our Cathedral this evening.

    • Dictus Correya

      Dear Dominic,
      Point taken. Well said.
      Further, it will help us to reflect ona verse in Hosea4:6 “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.Because you have rejected knowldege I will reject you from being my priest..” Another translation says” I will destroy me people because they are ignorant”..Still another says”My people have been silent,because they had no knowledge” A fourth one succinctly puts it thus ” My people perish for lack of knowledge”..
      I again refer back to the previous statements I had made. Very often religion has been reduced to few “practices.” observances, feasts…and the faith of the people are struck in these practices. I am sure being fresh Christianity is not in this situation in the North East.Thanks be to God..
      KNOWLEDGE primarily for Christians is knowledge of the Word of God. It is not sufficient that the clergy articulate the word of God..the ordinary Christians must have a deep knowledge of the Word of God and love for it MUST be inculcated.. after all the Word of God is a “double edged sword”..
      We should not under estimate the capacity of “simple people” to go very deep into the experience of the Triune God- we can see it happening all around especially through the study and meditation of the Bible.Has the Bible become just one of the “practices”? What is the time and effort put in instructing the faithful in the knoledge of the scriptures? What is the
      STRESS ..what percentage of TIME is given to this from the clergy side?
      Definitely there is plenty to be done here..
      God bless

      • katia

        When the relic was brought to maram, i had gone to see don bosco. I was in a very bad situation that time. I had done something terrible and was even pondering suicide.
        I was dead on the inside. I hated myself and everyone and everything around me. So, when i was called to go and pay respect to the relic, i hesitated but went. When i got there, people were lined up to take a closer look but I did not have enough courage to go infront. Feeling insecure and guilty I sat in a corner and silently pleaded the saint to take me by the hand and lead me.
        He did and till today he has not left me.
        He brought me to Jesus.

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