300 Austrian Parish Priests Call for ‘Disobedience’ in Seven Key Areas

A German newspaper Die Pfarrer-Initative reported on June 19, 2011, that 300 parish priests in Austria are openly refusing to comply with the Church’s lack of reform. They have called for ‘disobedience’ in seven key areas.

The seven points are:

1. In every Church service they will say a public prayer for Church reform.

2. They will not refuse communion to well-meaning Christians. These may include divorced and remarried Catholics, members of other Churches, at times people who have left the Church.

3. They will avoid saying multiple masses in many centres. They will prefer services conducted by people themselves to artificial supply services.

4. From now on they will call a service of the Word with distribution of Holy Communion a ‘Eucharistic Celebration without a priest’. This will fulfil the Sunday duty.

5. We will ignore the preaching prohibition imposed on competent lay people.

6. We will see to it that each parish has a lay chairperson: a man or woman, married or not. This to counter the joining up of parishes and of projecting a new priestly image.

7. We will use every opportunity to publicly promote the admission of women and married men and women to the priestly ministry. We see in both men and women welcome colleagues in our pastoral ministry.




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4 responses to “300 Austrian Parish Priests Call for ‘Disobedience’ in Seven Key Areas

  1. Das Gupta

    Well, the Church has to open up a lot. What we see must be just the tip of an ice-burg of rebelliousness and discontentment experienced and felt by priests all over.
    Looking at the norms dictated by some of the so called custodians of the Catholic Church gives an impression that ,Christ and His ways have been totally out-dated.

    I feel today, more emphasis is given on structural discipline and not on real spirituality.A lopsided way of looking at the very preaching of Christ and what He stood for.

    God have mercy on us, if the Custodians of the church don’t make the needed changes,before it is too late,even the lay-people will start protesting openly at some of the traditional teachings of the Roman catholic Church.

    It looks these days , some of the authorities within the Catholic Church are gripped by “Fear psychosis” .
    God alone knows what they are afraid?

  2. There are “many” who have arrived at conclusions as the 300 brave.It will be worth making a survey to find out. If one thinks these 300 are right, then who should be following whom? There are also hundreds who leave RC
    because they feel RCsm is not uptodate with society and with God,

  3. Francis

    Women Priests infiltrates the Indian Church: Catherine of Siena Virtual College

    Virginia Saldanha – WomenPriests infiltrates the Indian Church: Catherine of SienaVirtual College


    Virginia Saldanha has only completed “certificate courses in theology for the laity” and that qualification appears sufficient for the Indian church to acclaim her as a theologian who even lectures bishops!

    On the basis of those “certificate courses” and with the blessings of some bishops, she has helped other feminist nun-theologians organize women theologians into an Asian Women Theologians’ Forum.

    Ecclesia of Women in Asia [EWA] — of which she is in the vanguard — is the forum of Asian Women Theologians. She is one of two Indian lay women in the leadership; the other is Astrid Lobo Gajiwala.

    Virginia Saldanha’s background in parish and diocesan catechetics and other activities led her from the Women’s desk of the archdiocese to the Executive Secretary-ship of the Commission for Women in the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India [CBCI] and to the same chair at the Office of Laity, Family and Women’s Desk of the Federation of Asian Bishops’ Conferences [FABC].

    By her own admission, she was “drawn to liberation theology” during her theological studies. She also immersed herself in the “theological writings of well-known feminist theologians”, to quote her.

    In and through her own and reproduced articles and blogs in EWA, she promotes leading dissenters against the teachings of the Catholic Church, excommunicated or castigated priests, women whose “theology is incompatible with the Catholic Faith“, women who are pro-abortion and pro-euthanasia, pro-artificial birth control, pro-sex education, pro-homosexuality and pro lesbianism, and most of all who advocate a radical feminist theology, especially of course the ordination of women as priests.

    She has a problem with what she perceives as “the deification of priests” in the Catholic Church.

    She is also an activist for the use of inclusive language — a radical feminist characteristic — in the liturgy as well as in the Bible, what they euphemistically term, “a new reading of the Scriptures”.

    She rejects the new, revised liturgy of the Mass, defiantly saying, among other things, “I do not believe that Christ died just for the many, but for all. I also will not use the word “consubstantial”… I will continue to do what I believe to be right and true,” but approves of liturgies that are blatant aberrations and abuses.

    The bishops elevated her to influential positions and can now do little or nothing. A Bombay priest writes to me that she is a “Frankenstein monster” created by the bishops and remains to haunt them even after she quit her executive positions in the hierarchy. Despite having accepted and held influential and rewarding [for the promotion and development of her own agendas and contacts] posts in the hierarchy for over two decades, probably the highest held by any Indian lay woman till date, “hierarchy” has now become for her, as for all feminists, a four-letter word because “[t]he establishment of the hierarchy gives priests power and legitimacy to dominate and control the Church, and by virtue of the exclusion of women from the hierarchy, this power is used over them”,http://www.ucanews.com/2011/09/28/old-heirarchies-inhibit-the-asian-church/.

    Read the detailed report VIRGINIA SALDANHA-ECCLESIA OF WOMEN IN ASIA AND CATHERINE OF SIENA VIRTUAL COLLEGE-FEMINIST THEOLOGY AND THE ORDINATION OF WOMEN PRIESTS at: http://ephesians-511.net/docs/VIRGINIA_SALDANHA-ECCLESIA_OF_WOMEN_IN_ASIA_AND_CATHERINE_OF_SIENA_VIRTUAL_COLLEGE-FEMINIST_THEOLOGY_AND_THE_ORDINATION_OF_WOMEN_PRIESTS.doc. News of her activities and that of her feminist sisters-in-arms is regularly reported in Asia’s largest Catholic news agency, UCAN, [I easily located at least forty stories on the Internet] and in the liberal National Catholic Reporter [over a dozen]. None of these stories are critical of her — or their — positions or demands; instead they project the feminist agenda in a favourable light. Many of them indicate that she has plenty of grouses against the Church, its teachings and positions on critical issues of faith and doctrine.

    Still, UCAN eulogises her as an “advocate for women’s rights”, see http://www.ucanews.com/story-archive/?post_name=/2004/01/21/catholics-reaffirm-commitment-to-global-solidarity-at-world-social-forum&post_id=23682.

    Virginia Saldanha is on the Board of Directors of UCAN! That explains a lot!!

    She is hostile to the exhortations to evangelize of the post-synodal Document Ecclesia in Asia, and a sympathizer of the seditious Catholic Ashrams movement.

    Virginia Saldanha is the face and strident voice of the radical feminist lobby in the Indian Church.

    After wading through all their concerns about gender violence, exploitation of women, empowerment of women, discrimination against women, “space for Catholic women to have their voices heard, thoughts and reflections articulated” [a favourite refrain], the use of gender-sensitive language, the “‘searching’ and ‘finding’ of women’s identity“, the bottom line is this: they all want women to be ordained as priests.

    When the smoke screen of various peripheral demands is dispelled by a little research and investigation, the ultimate “women’s rights” that they are concerned about is for women to be ordained.

    That, Rome has repeated over and over again, is something that is impossible, unthinkable, and wrong to even bring up for discussion if one is Catholic. See pages 28 ff.

    Virginia Saldanha has alleged on her own blog, in a UCAN article as well as in the bulletin [CRIB] of the Conference of Religious, India [CRI] that a particular source had informed her that a bishop had fathered a son by a nun who then, as a single unwed mother, had to leave her congregation and take up a job as a cook to support the two of them. See my report “VIRGINIA SALDANHA-BISHOP FATHERS CHILD BY NUN” at


    One has to keep in mind that UCAN and CRIB are popular, though liberal, Catholic agencies whose news reports are read by the bishops. Is it not strange that no inquiry was instituted, no denial issued, or the story was not pulled over the period of 21 months that intervened before a Mumbai blog posted it?

    I recently found that the same story was run in the left-wing National Catholic Reporter that also favours women’s ordination. Ncronline has even published — don’t ask me how they got it — the “Bishop fathers child by nun” story.

    When the exact same story was copied in the Mumbai blog run by some Catholic lay persons, she sent them a letter threatening to “take action” against them. Next, she recanted on who the source of the information was. Initially, she had named her fellow feminist Astrid Lobo Gajiwala — on whose Church-related activities and errors this ministry is in the process of completing a separate report — as her source. Now she named a Mumbai gentleman as the source. He is a writer of international repute and spotless integrity. We wrote to him and asked him for his comment. He replied, labeling Virginia Saldanha’s allegation as “a blatant lie”.

    Having consolidated her position at the CBCI and FABC levels, Virginia Saldanha is now actively involved in promoting the radical feminist agendas and ideologies through at least two agencies, if one excludes the Theologians’ Forums and the Catholic media. The first is the Ecclesia of Women in Asia [EWA].

    Ecclesia of Women in Asia [EWA] has had five Asian conferences from inception till date. In my detailed report [see the link provided above ], I have documented enough of their anti-Catholic deliberations, activities, liturgies and statements for the bishops to be able to come down heavily and firmly on them and restrain their “ecclesia” — if they have the mind and courage to. EWA “liturgies” appear to be horrible aberrations of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

    As for their discussions on women’s sexuality, xxxxxx and orgasms, and not excluding an unprintable four-letter word relating to the female genitalia, the less said by me, the better. Read the report.

    Ecclesia of Women in Asia [EWA], the forum of Asian Women Theologians, is to meet in India in August 2013. It will be their sixth Asian conference since the first one in 2002.

    Will the Indian Bishops’ Conferences do what is necessary based on the damning evidences — especially of their main agenda, women priests — which have been thoroughly documented in my above referred report?

    Virginia Saldanha’s new activity is as the Indian contact person for the U.S.-based Catherine of Siena Virtual College which will conduct “gender studies” through an eight-week long online seminar for a small fee. Imagine the curriculum. Most EWA blogs and articles cite radical feminists, dissenters, WomenPriests theologians and New Agers. The current President of the Catherine of Siena Virtual College is herself a researcher and avid fan of world number 1 New Ager Pierre Teilhard de Chardin’s spirituality.

    “Gender studies” is a euphemism; Catherine of Siena Virtual College is a front for ex-priest John Wijngaards’ international movement for women priests. Through Virginia Saldanha, the WomenPriests movement has infiltrated the Indian Church. Now that Virginia Saldanha is recruiting for Catherine of Siena Virtual College, there is a real and present danger to the Indian Church. It has already become affiliated with several seminaries, philosophates and theologates. Will the bishops of India do something about it?

    Read this SHOCKING report further @ :-



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