Slum children join VIPs honouring Don Bosco Relic at Don Bosco Park Circus

Don Bosco Kolkata Adult Literacy girls pay homage

KOLKATA (17 July) – Friends and admirers of Don Bosco mingled with slum children in paying homage to the Relic of St John Bosco at an official public function held at Don Bosco School Park Circus, from 3 pm, 17 July. Over 800 students of the Night School, some 250 girls of Adult Literacy programme both coordinated by the Alumni and over 7,000 people filed past Don Bosco relic paying their homage.

Earlier in the day, the Relic went from Auxilium Church Gobra to Auxilium Convent Park Circus. It was brought in procession from neighbouring Christ the King Church Park Circus escorted by parishioners, students and alumni. Over 800 Don Bosco students in white cap walked in procession to Don Bosco School Park Circus less than a kilometer away.

A group of ten teachers of the school took their pledge as Salesian Cooperators at a public ceremony during the Salesian Family Day held in the morning in the presence of Salesian Fathers, Brothers, Sisters, Cooperators and Alumni.

L to R: Usha Uthup, Abp Menamparampil, Fr Provincial, Sr. Provincial, Fr Strooscio and Fr Siby

Archbishop Thomas Menamparampil of Guwahati and Salesian Provincial of Kolkata Fr Thomas Ellicherail, Provincial of the Salesian Sisters Sr Maria Pettayil and the only Italian Salesian in Kolkata city 89 year old Fr Stroscio Rosario graced the public function which commenced at 3.00 pm. The programme organized by alumni, staff and students consisted of a 30 minute prayer service during which the school choir sang Don Bosco hymns and read portions from sacred scriptures (The Gita, The Koran, The Tipitaka, The Kalpa Sutra, The Guru Granth Sahib, The Zend Avesta and The Holy Bible). Students from Auxilium Dum Dum and Our Lady Queen of the Missions presented prayer dances.

Kolkata’s singing sensation Usha Uthup turned up to pay tribute and sang “Amazing Grace” in homage to Don Bosco, enthralling the audience.

Two short films screened during the event included “Don Bosco With Us” a ten minute film on the meaning and significance of Don Bosco Relic Visit. The second short film screened was entitled: “DonBosco Kolkata Province.”

The Don Bosco students will have ample time with Don Bosco on Monday (18th July) morning, before the Relic leaves for Auxilium Church Gobra.


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