Post Graduate Certificate & Diploma in Pastoral Communications Planned

CBCI-ADBU Media Research Group, 31 July 2011

BANGALORE, (C.M. Paul) – The Secretary of the CBCI Commission for Social Communications and Controller of Examinations of Assam Don Bosco University held a joint meeting with a select group of 12 academicians to chalk out a proposal to introduce Communication for Pastoral Leadership (CPL) as a Post Graduate certificate and diploma course under Assam Don Bosco University (ADBU).  The day-long meeting was held at NBCLC (National, Biblical, Liturgical & Catechetical Centre) Bangalore, 31 July 2011.

The programme is scheduled to be launched in October 2011.

“We wish to constitute a Media Research Group (MRG) consisting of persons who have a PhD or post doctoral degree in Communication / Media related subjects and have been or are involved in academics,” says Secretary of CBCI Commission for Social Communications Dr George Plathottam.

He added, “those who opt to join the MRG would, in addition to their regular responsibilities, would be available to guide PhD research students in communication studies at doctoral level. They will also attend a meeting of MRG where each member would present a paper on the chosen theme of the year, peer review it and further edit it for publication in a volume.”

L to R: Dr Plathottam (CBCI) & Dr Cyriac (ADBU)

The MRG group consisted of Dr George Plathottam, Dr V.A. Cyriac, Dr Jose Palakeel, Dr Vincent Wilson, Dr Magimai Pragasam, Dr Josephine Joseph, Dr Robert Pen, Dr Paul Kattukaran, Dr Gurram Pratap Reddy, Dr Sebastian Periannan, Dr Maria Charles, Dr Richard Rego, Mrs. Lucy Gabriel Chattopadhyay and Fr C.M. Paul.

Dr Palakeel, Dr Periannan and Dr Plathottam have formed a core group to facilitate MRG project with the theme “Religion and Media.”

This diploma course is expected to benefit many priests, religious and pastoral workers, lay leaders and those who have responsibility to manage or teach social communication in the church, inIndiaand countries aboard.

The implementation of the program would be directed by ADBU and the CBCI Commission for SC in collaboration with the various regional communication centres. The course could also be offered in other Asian courtiers with the collaboration of FABC (Federation of Asian Bishops Conference) Office of Social Communications (FABC-OSC).

The CPL has three volumes (Book I, II, III), divided into three parts. Those who join for any one part of the course can obtain a certificate on completion of the course (duration: minimum six months from the time of admission).

Those who complete all the three modules of the course are eligible for post graduate diploma (one year from the time of admission).

University18 is developing a distance education mode to convert the above course materials and make them available online as lessons suited for online study.

Students may attend practical sessions or contact classes offered by centres identified by ADBU and under authorized Guides / Teachers at stipulated places, on hours/days announced.

Students may choose resource persons identified by ADBU as Guide for papers or thesis or other projects. The evaluations of the Guides / Teachers at the regions will be further verified by ADBU.

Examination consists of three stages: Objective (from the questions listed), short term papers or projects approved  by the ADBU / Resource Persons from a list of suggested items, and final paper or project (dissertation, production, survey and analysis etc.) approved by the DBU / Guide.

On completion of these requirements, ADBU will confer the candidate Certificate or Diploma.

During the last one year over 600 formators have been trained in CPL through multi-city programme.



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