Over 600 Indian youth denied Visa to WYD on suspicion

WYD Madrid 2011 logo

KOLKATA,  (C.M. Paul) – The official Indian delegation going to World Youth Day Madrid has fallen victim to bureaucratic suspicion and are subject to discrimination because they are poor.

“Our young people can’t show a huge bank balance and the Spanish Visa authorities think that they are all potential refugees in the European Union,’ says a national youth animator on anonymity.

He adds, “our Indian Catholic Youth Movement is taking some 800 youth and the Catholic Bishops Conference of India is taking another 342 young people. Of these, 11,42 youth and their animators and chaplains, some 600 young people have not yet got their visa even after several rounds of futile attempts.”

He further laments saying, “they [young people] have now hardly one week left to travel…. And they are facing a total embarrassment after all the hype and national level preparations for World Youth Day.”

“This is in deed pathetic, that the Spanish officials consider us potential refugees, just because we cannot show a fat bank balance,” he says in disgust and frustration.

“Even four priests accompanying young people to the WYD have been denied visa,” he says.

“This is discrimination against our young people, just because they are poor… and a discredit to us, youth animators and chaplains, who have accompanied them all these months,” he tells.

In another instance, of a group of 48 young people belonging to Don Bosco Youth Animation India, some ten youth have been denied visa, dashing their dream trip to WYD and cherished visit to Don Bosco’s places in Turin and Rome.

India’s neighbour Nepal is not sending an official youth delegation to WYD this year. It could be a punitive measure by church authorities, because one of their members remained back after WYD Cologne (Germany) in 2005. Also Nepal did not have an official delegation for the WYD Australia in 2008.

In the last WYD in Australia,  some 39 Indians disappeared. The small group was part of a 1220 strong “official” delegation from India. They took advantage of a stopover in New Zealand to run off. However, the Church authorities helped bring back over 30 missing youth.

The official WYD events are scheduled for 15-21 August 2011.



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2 responses to “Over 600 Indian youth denied Visa to WYD on suspicion

    – Passport
    – 3 Visa application forms + 3 photographs
    – Travel insurance
    – Confirmed return air ticket
    – Offitial letter from JMJ
    – Diocesan Bishops’ recommendation letter
    – Pilgrim list signed by secretary of CBCI Office for Youth, New
    Delhi, specifying the names of pilgrims per group.
    – Invitation letter for extra days in Europe
    – Letter of no objection of the parents of minors. Copy of
    Identification document of the parents (preferably passport)
    – Accommodation in Spain and, if applicable in Europe.
    – If applicable proof of economic means of the applicant or his/her
    family (ITR, Bank statements, salary slips, etc.)
    – If no economic means are submitted, letter of the organization
    that will cover the expenses of the trip.

  2. allen johannes

    can’t blame them…see what is happening in Italy, Greece, and E.U. That is why that guy in Noway went berserk and shot so many people….influx of Asians is creating a lot if probs for these countries.

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