Despair Awaits 600 Youth on Airport Arrival

KOLKATA – Many Indian delegates [boys and girls] to World Youth Day Madrid scheduled to fly out of India on 7th August from the International Airports, located in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Kolkota may face despair and frustration if some 600 visas are not issued by the Spanish Embassy in Mumbai & New Delhi (India) by 3rd August 2011. The young people who are denied visa have not yet been told as youth animators are hopeful of some miracle happens before 3rd August 2pm!

“This is totally unfair,” says WYD Antenna Coordinator for India based in New Delhi.

The WYD young people belong to 13 regional youth groups of the Catholic Bishops Conference of India, as well as groups belonging to Salesians (DBYA), Jesuits, and Jesus Youth, etc.

To reach the International airports in the country most youth need to travel more than 50 hours by bus or train. For some it is more than two days of travel … as they can’t afford high speed travel facility within the country. Hence, some delegates need to start out from their villages as early as 2nd or 3rd August to reach 6th August, to catch international flights on 7th August with their respective groups.

The delegation’s air travel details may be found in website

When these youth arrive at the international airport and come to know that they have been denied visa for insufficient funds, it is bound to create huge frustration to them and massive embarrassment to the organizers. In fact, they have worked hard to collect sufficient funds and the organizations have raised the necessary resources to meet the requirement.

The WYD visa facilitation coordinator in Madrid Mr Santiago is hopeful and says “we are doing our very best for Indian groups. We are still here working, at 11.30 pm.”

He adds, “What I am going to do is to request a formal response from the Foreign Affairs Ministry. I hope I can give you an answer tomorrow [Tuesday 2nd August] from the Ministry with a positive response.”



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3 responses to “Despair Awaits 600 Youth on Airport Arrival

  1. A.M.J.D

    We are left with few days and we are really worried. Our non refundable air tickets are confirmed…. Organizations and individuals have raised sponsors and all the pilgrims of WYD have gone through a lot of spiritual preparation and orientation from last one year to prepare for this event…. there were classes to learn basic Spanish too…. And all were excited to be at the WYD… Now all are frustrated…worried about the huge financial lose and embarrassment….

  2. Das Gupta

    This is not an issue just to by bypassed.A lot of planning and coordination has been done I believe. The organizers should go to the roots of the problem and find out the real reason,and rectify issues before it is too late.I personally feel it is not only a matter of fund.In case if there is any financiial problem,the CBCI, Salesians,Jesuits and the other congregations whom the youth represent should pool in the needed resources,and not let down the YOUTH who have been looking forward to this event of THEIR LIFE .Come on ACT ON TIME, and LET US NOT LET DOWN THE YOUTH.

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