Salesian Cooperator Family Leave for Madrid-World Youth Day

Shikha, Paul and Joshua head for WYD 2011

KOLKATA, (C.M. Paul) – Newly pledged Salesian Cooperator and his family is part of a delegation leaving for World Youth Day celebrations in Madrid, 6-21 August. Mr. Paul Jacob, a school teacher will leave for WYD with his wife Mrs. Shikha Jacob and young son Joshua, 15th August. He is part of Jesus Youth India delegation, an association of committed young people at the service and mission of the Church.

“It all started when I along with my wife and son attended Jesus Youth Silver Jubilee Conference in December 2010 in Kerala,” says Mr Jacob who was awe struck at the sight of some 22,000 participants for that event.

“The sight of so many youth all coming together to celebrate their faith was a singularly unique experience which I had not encountered earlier,” confesses 34 year old Mr. Jacob coordinator of the newly formed unit of Salesian Cooperators at Don Bosco School Park Circus.

“The presence of my family with me added to making the experience an unforgettable one,” he says.

[Those] “young people showed extraordinary commitment in living their faith. They challenged me and my wife in many ways,” says Jacob who was animator with youth groups like the Scouts, Young Christian Students and Jesus Youth.

He adds, “when I heard that Jesus Youth is sending a delegation toMadridwith possibilities of visiting pilgrim centres like Fatima andLourdes, the thought of participating in a much larger scale event, with my family, ignited my desire to try to go for WYD.”

Jacob does not shy away in listing three major hurdles he encountered to follow his dream to the WYD. First, doting parents who would not allow the young family go overseas; second getting leave for his wife, a manager in HDFC Bank; and third, making travel documents ready.

“But miraculously everything fell in place and things got done in the minimum required time,” says Jacob marveling at the hassle free breeze through bureaucratic hurdles.

“My wife has the same passion for the things that I am interested in and that makes us a couple who are forever in search of spiritual renewal and ways to live out our faith genuinely,” says Jacob sharing a family secret about the most supportive person in the entire process.

The excitement at making the first overseas trip has caught on Joshua who keeps asking, “papa are we going tomorrow?”


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