Sohra Miracle Child, 22 others baptised in Don Bosco Shrine

Larisuk Khongsit

SHILLONG, (Abp Dominic Jala SDB)The birthday of Don Bosco, 16 August, Larisuk Khongsit was baptised as Larisa Mary Khongsit. The baptism ceremony took place at the shrine of St. John Bosco, Cherrapunjee, where during the visit of the Relic of Don Bosco, this bed-ridden girl had a miraculous healing after praying to Don Bosco.

Twenty three young people and children from families that have been drawn to the faith through the healing of this 11 year old child also received baptism, at a ceremony presided over by Archbishop Dominic Jala SDB, of the archdiocese of Shillong.

Larisuk Khongsit has been baptised as Larisa Mary Khongsit. She herself decided to have a new name at baptism. The old name meant, nurtured in peace. Her new name means I/we/they have Rejoiced. A fitting name for one who has been touched through the intercession of Don Bosco.

Larisuk is the sixth of nine children from a family that follows the Khasi traditional religion, and lives in a small house in Thiep Twa locality, Cherrapunjee. She had been unable to stand or walk for the past four years.

23 children who received baptism on 16 Aug 2011

It all happened in 2007 while playing with her friends she fell and injured her right leg. The wound festered and she spent three months in the Civil Hospital Shillong, 50 km away from her home. This brought little relief and at a certain point the doctors advised amputation to save the then 7 year old child.

It was on 19th June 2011, when the Relic of Don Bosco was in Sohra that she persuaded her mother to take her to the prayer session for healing being held on the grounds of the Parish. She said a simple prayer: Don Bosco please give me healing; I want to go to school again.

Larisuk (Rt) and family with festering hand in set

Two days later alone in her hut, she suddenly felt the urge to get up and walk and went to fetch her mother who was washing clothes at a nearby stream. Since then the foul smelling puss stopped coming out of the wounds and the rotting flesh slowly came off leaving place for new flesh. On 17th July, a piece of bone just dropped out of the little opening that was a large wound on her leg. Larisakeeps in mind all these important dates and has reason to rejoice and the whole community has reason to rejoice too.

The baptism of Larisa and 22 others was celebrated in the Don Bosco Shrine, Sohra/Cherrapunee on 16th August, 2011, the birth day of Don Bosco, the day the Salesian Congregation is launching a four year journey to the bicentenary of his birth. The older members of the families will probably be baptised around Christmas 2011.



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8 responses to “Sohra Miracle Child, 22 others baptised in Don Bosco Shrine

  1. Truly amazing. Thank you & praise the “Lord” . For “God” everything is possible. Thank you for sharing this amazing healing.


  2. Anthony M

    Thank You Lord for hearing the prayers of this child through the intersession of St. John Bosco, and healing her.

  3. Dominic Jala

    I am following up the impact on hundreds of lives of people made by the healing of one simple 11 year old girl who lives in a simple poor hut in Cherrapunjee, who knows – even at her age -the true value of things in life. Whether you like it or not, for her Don Bosco about whom she really thought only in June, has done what no one else could have done. No amount of money would explain the transformation I have seen in the people I have met in that rain-soaked town. …
    Another paradox also strikes me: whenever some “intellectual” comes up with some critique about some element in the Church, they appeal to the what people at the grass-root levels feel and say. When these grass-root people rally around an icon or experience great and uplifting moments, they tend to brand them as “ignorant”, “uninstructed”… “This rabble knows nothing about the law – they are damned!” (Jn 7:49). As I move with the simple, sincere people I learn more and more the great wisdom of Jesus’ words, “Unless you change and become like little children you will never enter the kingdom of Heaven” (Mt 18:3).

  4. rijo

    Thank You Jesus! Praise You Jesus!

  5. Gertrude Fernandes

    Thank you and big God Bless for making this miraculous healing known to many thru’ this article! Many have been touched, converted, transformed, healed thru’ the mercy & love of Jesus, thru’ the powerful intercession of Heavenly Mother & Saints. Very few people testify, speak or share about the grace, healing, blessings & peace received by the. A testimony shared is more powerful than the hundred Sermons, for it is experienced by someone you know. It increases faith and helps people to trust Lord whole heartedly and guides them to come to the Lord with prayers in their pains/trouble than taking refuge in wrong/harmful solutions. Some simple people have no means & access to make it known, those who are blessed, have access should make it known. In a very simple but powerful way you are an instrument to take Lord’s healing to people & bring people in need of Lord’s mercy, love, healing, grace to overcome unhealthy habits to the Lord!!!

    Dear St. John Bosco, please obtain healing, grace & solution to all those invoke you. for many cannot make it to your Relic, YOU can reach them!

  6. LIVIO

    Thank You Jesus, For those Miraculous healing known to many thru’ this article! Many have been touched, converted, transformed, healed thru’ the mercy & love of Jesus, thru’ the powerful intercession of Heavenly Mother & Saints.

  7. Cynthia Crasto

    Thank you Jesus! Praise you Jesus! Love you Jesus! for this miracle through the intersession of St.John Bosco in this remote village in North East India! Cherrapunji

  8. Milton

    Nice to know about this miracle. I will surely tell the students where ever I go.
    An eye opener
    Thanks to the persons who have made it known.
    Long live our powerful intercessor

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