AMRUTHA, an epic novel by John Wijngaards

Book cover of the novel

LONDON, (C.M. Paul) – Monsignor Shamus McKenna, ‘Muss’ to his friends, serves the Pope in Romeas theological adviser. His job requires him to uphold the medieval doctrine of natural law which recent Popes have imposed on all Catholics. When Muss enters the real world, he is in for a shock.

The sexual ethics of “Natural Law” have created havoc in the Catholic world. Married couples may never use the pill or a condom. Gay partners are forbidden any form of sexual intimacy. Women are mothers by nature and not suitable for the priesthood . . .

Carrying out his unusual research Muss faces one risky challenge after the other. He delves into dark recesses of human sexuality. He finds out what women are really like, and falls in love. He becomes a husband and father. But will he ever escape the menacing, stifling, suffocating stranglehold of the LAW OF NATURE?!

Founder and former director of Amruthavani (Secunderabad) John Wijngaards writes, “some of you have been aware that a new book of mine –  a novel – was in the making. It has now come out in print. Its title is: “AMRUTHA. What the Pope’s man found out about the Law of Nature”, AuthorHouse 2011.

Although the story is quite dramatic – and I hope entertaining -, it deals with a serious topic, namely the interpretation of ‘Natural Law’. As you know, Rome bans the use of all contraceptives and gay partnerships as ‘intrinsically evil’ because it ‘goes against Natural Law’. Even their attitude against women is partly determined by this. Women should not preside at the Eucharist, etc. – women are mothers by nature (Pope John Paul II in ‘Mulieris Dignitatem’).

John Wijngaards

I wrote the book thinking: what would happen if a naïve Monsignor from Rome would try to implement utter fidelity to Natural Law in everyday life? Also: what do the celibate lawgivers in Rome really know of the lives of ordinary people, especially the lives of women?

The main character in my story – Mgr. Shamus McKenna – demonstrates what happens. He eventually finds out that for human beings ‘Natural Law’ is the use of reason, that is: conscience. The lead female character is Amrutha (the name means: nectar & immortal). She is a fighter: resourceful, intelligent, able to overcome incredible challenges. You find more information about the book on .

Since the book is quite large (a long tale of 544 pages!), its Recommended Retail Price is: UK £ 17.99; USA $ 28.20. But I have good news: as is explained on the above URL, you can order a copy directly from the publisher with a 35% reduction. I have indicated the links to the UK edition and the US edition on that page too. But I am giving the connection here again for good measure: USA for only $ 18.79 click here! UK (Europe) for only £ 11.99 click here!


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One response to “AMRUTHA, an epic novel by John Wijngaards

  1. Jonathan

    A truly great book. Amrutha is a pure, enchanting, sometimes surprising and fun novel exploring the naturalness of human sexual desire with some twists in a cliff-hanger plot through the eyes of a priest! There are intriguing looks inside Vatican bureaucracy and politics (although as a non-Catholic, the Church’s sexual mores went right over my head). And I just loved the explicit, pure, sensitive, sexual depictions. Amrutha strips away (bares…?) the shame we are taught of Adam and Eve in their nakedness and the subsequent subjugation of women in many cultures. This book helps us understand better God’s “Natural Law” that our forebears in hunter-gatherer societies must have taken for granted. It’s about time this subject was explored and brought up-to-date in the post information age.

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