Team Anna Hoodwinking Public Through Media

Karan Thapar hosting Devil's Advocate

MUMBAI – [Behind Anna Hazare and his team of four, Kiran Bedi, Prashant Bhushan, Shanti Bhushan, Arvind Kejriwal, there is a huge team of over 30 members are working round the clock to make the crusade against corruption a success.

What is little known is the source of funding, though members of the A-team repeatedly claim that it is ‘donation by public’.

The tech-savvy team is meticulously planning every move and so far been able to anticipate every step the government planned and out-maneuvered it.]

Sanjay Basak has carried on from where Raman Kirpal had left on his ‘Anna was an afterthought in the anti – corruption crusade’. However its now getting interesting with certain section of the electronic media not only questioning the adamant and arbitrary stand taken by team Anna but also disputing the support base of Team Anna saying it is grossly exaggerated.

They have further questioned the ignorance of the protestors thereby forcing Team Anna to educate them on the said subject matter, which to my mind should have been done on day one. However Team Anna chose to interact more with the media realizing success lay in media projection, resulting in hardening of their stand and doing a flip whenever the situation demanded at Ramlila.

There is no doubt that Team Anna has taken over the space vacated by the principle opposition party of the country. Tasting blood with Anna as the face of the movement they have been further emboldened into thinking that they could hijack the legislature in making laws hereafter which to my mind is dangerous to the very tenet of democracy that we pride ourselves.

Karan Thapar in his own inimitable style Sunday night literally shred apart the duo of Prashan Bhushan and Arvind Kejriwal whilst anchoring the Devil’s Advocate on CNN IBN. Surprising Arvind seemed to be subdued while Prashant was aggressive and restless as he found the views of Karan hard to digest. The duo were even apologetic and distanced themselves from the catch word of  Kiran Bedi that ‘Indiais Anna and Anna isIndia’. Its time Anna realizes the danger posed by theDelhibased activists group to this movement for fight against corruption and utilize the services of the likes of Santosh Hegde and other like minded people if any from within/outside the group.

I understand wisdom has finally prevailed with the electronic media showcasing the views of the likes of Nandan Nilekani, Aruna Roy and a few others. If they can maintain the right balance and keep the TRP aside they would be doing our country and its people a great service in ensuring that we get a Strong and Effective Lok Pal Bill in place.


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One response to “Team Anna Hoodwinking Public Through Media

  1. insignificant_i

    I watched that show. It never seemed to me that Arvind was ever left subdued during the session. Infact, Thapar, as he is, banks on irritating people with his non-stop one-sided blabber. As a matter of fact, I found thapar getting ruffled and agitated when his repeated bluster was met with a smug look on Arvind’s face. Thapar clearly looked not well-versed with the bill. His verbal attack looked hollow in the face of clear-headed and much more real and reasonable assertions by Prashant and Arvind. As is the problem with Thapar, he can’t help but heckle people with his polished english language. He is a compulsive speaker and heckler and an absolutely impatient listener who is dictatorial in his arguments and his self-inferences.

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