Mother Teresa film festival Patna takes off in 11 venues

L to R: Fr Devasia (PatnaV.G.), Fr C.M. Paul, Hon. Speaker Sri Choudhary & PWC Principal Sr Doris.

PATNA, (C.M. Paul) – The first ever Mother Teresa International Film Festival (MTIFF) 2011 is being held (2nd to 5th September) in Bihar state capital Patna in eleven venues including a cinema hall.

The Speaker of Bihar Assembly Sri Udai Narain Choudhary was chief guest at the festival held at Patna Women’s College where Sr Nirmala Joshi MC, the successor of Mother Teresa did her studies.

The festival also featured the first ever documentary on Mother Teresa in Hindi. The 20 minute film MANAVTA KI MURTI (embodiment of humanness) produced by Ravi Bharati regional Jesuit Communications centre dealt with the Mother Teresa connection with Patna. In 1948 Mother Teresa who left Loreto Sisters in Kolkata spent 3 months medical training at the Medical Mission Sisters hospital then at Padri Haveli.

The four day festival will conclude on 5th September, Mother Teresa’s 14th death anniversary.

L to R: Sr Tessy, Frank Krishner and Mr. Sunil Lucas at Notre Dame Academy

Expressing his delight at seeing the documentary, Mr Choudhary recommended that the “organizers take the film to the villages and institutions all overBiharto inspire the Generation Next with the life and values of Mother Teresa.”

Mr. Choudhary remained to watch the 3 hour long epic Italian film entitled MADRE TERESA starring Golden Globe Award winner Olivia Hussey as Mother Teresa.

“Madre Teresa” is set in theIndiaof late 1940s. British rule has just come to an end but peace shuns the country. Riots rip the nation. The confrontations between Hindus and Muslims take on a humongous proportion, particularly inCalcutta.  Wrecked by poverty and the riots,Calcuttabuckles under despair. But in the midst of all this misery one nun stands steadfast, following her calling to help love and bring hope to the poorest of the poor.

The movie, directed by Fabrizio Costa, chalks out the trials and tribulations that Mother Teresa faced and how she overcame them armed with just her stubborn faith. Mother Teresa realized that it was not enough to simply feed the hungry and tend to the sick. There was another unaddressed hunger and need among people – the need for love.

“It’s a film festival thatPatnahas not seen before, twelve films on Mother Teresa from seven different countries are being screened at 11 private and public venues acrossPatnain a four day celebration that started on Friday,” said MTIFF 2011 director Frank Krishner.

“Make me a channel of Peace” sung by Litera Valley School Patna

The venues among others include Rose Bud School, Notre Dame Academy, St Xavier’s School,College of Arts and Crafts, Nav Jyoti Niketan, Patna Women’s College, Kurji Holy Family Hospital and Regent Cinema.

Holy Family Hospital screening also made history as it was the first time a film festival is hosted in a hospital campus.

Signis India president Mr Sunil Lucas and former SIGNIS India president and first director of MTIFF Fr. C. M. Paul SDB visited several festival venues.

The festival is the initiative of AASRA Charitable Trust and SIGNIS Bengal. MTIFF was held during the year-long celebrations marking Mother Teresa’s birth centenary in some 20 countries of Asia and 50 cities across India.


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    Wanted to share my video and song tribute to Mother Teresa
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