Mother Teresa nuns get media smart

M.C. Inspiration Day, 10 Sept 2011

MOTHER HOUSE KOLKATA, (C.M. Paul) – This is unusual! If media coverage of events surrounding the conclusion of the commemoration of Mother Teresa’s birth on August 26, 1910 is any indication, Kolkata – the base for Blessed Teresa’s humanitarian operations – has seen a sea change in attitudes towards the saint.

After the UCAN opinion piece which stated media interest in Mother Teresa was on the wane judging from the dismal news coverage of the conclusion of Mother Teresa’s birth centenary celebration on 4th & 5th September 2011 with Apostolic Nuncio Archbishop Pennacchio, the Missionaries of Charity seems to have welcomed media for 65th Inspiration Day.

It was Tuesday 10th September 1946, during her train journey from Calcutta to Darjeeling, Mother Teresa claimed “Jesus communicated the whole Missionaries of Charity charism to her.”

Sr Nirmala MC and media, 10 Sept 2011

The media interest could also be due to the first visit of the Governor of West Bengal His Excellency M.K. Narayanan to pay respects at Mother Teresa’s tomb along with the first lady Mrs. Narayanan.

However, the nuns showed exceptional hospitality to the media as can be seen in the photos. While one photo has Sr Christine leading the media pack, the other has Sr Nirmala speaking to three television channels in the Mother House entrance courtyard.

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