Unfinished Task of Laity in the Church

KANPUR, (C.M. Paul) – Former president of the All India Catholic Union has published a new book on the task of the laity in the Church entitled: AN UNFINISHED SYMPHONY.

“By God’s Grace, my fourth book has just been published by Media House, Delhi(the publishers of Indian Currents). The title is “An Unfinished Symphony”. It is over 300 pages,” says author Chhotebhai of Kanpur.

The book has five parts. The first is futuristic, a vision of what the church and society should be.

The second addresses various Christian concerns, in the light of sacred scripture and Vatican II teachings. Among the topics discussed are – the structure of the church, lay participation, tithing, family planning, divorce, and the dignity of work.

Part three tackles Current Affairs, including Anna Hazare’s movement, the end of the world, burning issues like suicide, homosexuality, adultery and so on. It also debunks the false claims about the origin of the universe by Stephen Hawking, and the cunning lies of “The Da Vinci Code”.

Part four has eulogies of eminent persons; and part five consists of papers presented on evangelisation, education, Parish Councils and Catholic Associations.

It concludes with a kaleidoscopic analysis of the image of Christians inIndia. It is specifically meant for the laity, with special emphasis on the role of the All India Catholic Union and its affiliated Catholic Associations.

The book is available at Media House, 375-A Pocket – 2, Mayur Vihar Phase I, Delhi– 110091. (Email: mediahousedelhi@gmail.com; mediahousedelhi@hotmail.com Phone Nos 011-43042096; 09971407120).
The cover price is Rs. 270.


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