Former Salesian Gifts Institutions in Kerala and Sharjah to Don Bosco

Fr. Tomy Kuruvilla

ATHIRAMPUZHA, Kerala, (C.M. Paul) – In a gesture that was both historic and dramatic, a priest handed over his will and testament giving two educational institutions which he founded while a Salesian of Kolkata province to the Salesian provincial of Kerala.

Fr Tomy Kuruvilla gifted the Marian Career Guidance Centre (MCGC) at Maduravelli near Kaduthuruthy in Kottayam district, and Rhythm Education Centre (REC) in Sharjah which he founded and runs, to the Salesians of Don Bosco Bangalore province at brief ceremony in front of Don Bosco Relic visiting St Mary’s Church Athirampuzha, 10th October.

The parish priest of Athirampuzha church, Rev. Fr. Mani, spoke on the significance of this offer by the donor, who happens to be from Athirampuzha parish, to the Salesians of Bangalore/ Kerala, in the context of the visit of the Relic of Don Bosco.
Pls chk the link for YouTube video.

In a brief talk Fr Kuruvialla said “it was a historical divine intervention of Don Bosco in his life, so as to fulfill the long cherished dream of his parents who longed to see the Salesian presence in this region.”

First batch of 2011-2012

After the first batch of eight MCGC students sang the hymn “Don Bosco who was consumed by the zeal for the young” Fr Mani handed over the official file containing the Will of Fr.Tomy and a few other documents  to the Provincial of Bangalore / Kerala.

Solemn Eucharist and the veneration of Don Bosco’s relic followed before the casket left for Don Bosco Puthupally.

“I consider Don Bosco relic visit to my parish as a miracle,” says Fr Tomy Kuruvilla who belongs to Athirampuzha, St. Mary’s Church in central Kearla.

Fr Kuruvilla worked and ministered in Sharjah for 18 years raising funds to purchase the property and start MCGC dream project for underprivileged but intelligent boys.

The property at Maduravelli is over 5 acres and has over 18,000 sq ft of built up area with a foundation for two floors. It has dormitory facility for 75 students and quarters for administrative staff while the common facilities like dining room and chapel can accommodate 150 students.

“I did not leave the Salesian congregation but the Salesians left me,” says Fr Kuruvilla who was laicised on 6th December 2010.

Rhythm Education Centre Sharjah

The overjoyed priest confesses, “I see the visit of Don Bosco Relic not just as a sheer co-incidence but the will of Don Bosco himself giving me a wonderful opportunity to hand over to him personally what I have been doing for the Saelsians of Don Bosco Bangalore, over these years.”

“The gift is totally unconditional,” Fr Kuruvilla told the provincial “and all my request to you is, to treat MCGC and REC as well as me (Fr.Tomy) in a way Don Bosco would treat anyone who loves him and has dedicated his life for his cause.”

Commenting on the event, Provincial of Bangalore province who received the will in person says, “I made it a point to be present to accept the gift as a gesture of “expression of intent” as well as be a sign of appreciation to honour the parishioners who were generous to sent several of their sons to Don Bosco Mission.”

L to R: Provincial, Kuruvilla & Mani

The MCGC property and building in Kerala is priced at INR 16 crores (USD 3,2o0,000) while the licence for running Music Academy in Sharjah alone is priced about  50 Lakhs (USD 100,000). For MCGC location and building pls watch YouTube video at

Laicised Fr Kuruvilla (55 year old) is currently living a retired life in priestly status, with the permission of the Bishop of Changnacherry.



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10 responses to “Former Salesian Gifts Institutions in Kerala and Sharjah to Don Bosco

  1. Thanks for the story, father…it was indeed a news.

  2. Dictus

    When you really comes to think of it- it is a sorry state of affairs to lable
    a human being “ex” this or “ex” that , when he has done something with his life! Heard of anyone being called ” ex christian”?

  3. yashin jose

    Dear Fr.Tomy…..,
    Great of you to have done it…I am sure Don Bosco would be smiling at you from heaven for this generous act you have made for the Salesian congregation that brought you up and must be interceding for you and for all your good works..May the Good Lord bless and keep you always in His grace.

  4. K.A. Abraham

    CONGRATS Fr Tomy. …
    You are a model to all priests- selfless, dedicated to the cause, has imbibed the true spirit of Don Bosco ( unfortunately many SDBs don’t have it !) I admire and appreciate his magnanimity and true spirit of Poverty which many priests and religious have professed.

    I am wondering, he could have led a luxurious life with so much of wealth (hiding from others)!! True to himself he has not. Perhaps, in a lay man’s attitude, he is ‘foolish’ !! But his action speaks of his adherence to genuine Salesian and priestly spirit !!

    “May his tribe increase….”! May God bless him abundantly and Don Bosco say to him, “well done,dear …you are my true follower…!”
    All the best to you..
    K. A. Abraham

  5. Dr Roy Chowdhury

    The loss of Kolkata province has become the gain of Kerala-Karnataka province. Let me wish the Salesians of Don Bosco in India wisdom to follow Don Bosco in today’s situations… putting aside sterile legalism and replace it with fertile pastoral efforts for poor and needy youth.

  6. Fr.Tomy Kuruvilla


  7. Fr.Tomy Kuruvilla

    This DREAM is yet to be realised. More of introspection and less of legalism ,might set things right. I have not gone back on my promises, I am still looking forward to a human approach from the part of the authorities concerned . I pray that the concerned authorities,recapture,the spirituality and the humility of Pinardi-shed and that of the CRIB at Bethlehem.
    Fr.Tomy Kuruvilla . 28th June 2012.

    • Lionel Joseph Landuyt de Keyzer

      What a wounderful soul you are. God is bigger than all our human pettiness. When all is said and done in this, our earthly life, we just wait to be reunited with the One who is the foundation of our very being. John Bosco is waiting for you. He has already prepared a mansion in the house of the Father where there are man, many mansions.
      Just look at the eyes of Don Bosco on a real photograph and you will understand how much he loves you and all the young.
      Old pupil of Don Bosco, Kortrijk Belgium graduation 1965

  8. Fr.Tomy Kuruvilla


    I would like to give a clarification to the numerous well-wishers of mine who contacted me in person seeking a clarification, on the latest stand mutually taken by the authorities and me as a Donor.

    It was unfortunate that things did not work out as we had expected it to happen for several reasons,that cannot be explained in a forum like this. Let us hope time will turn out to be the best healer.

    It was a sheer coincidence that exactly a day after the deal was called off (7th May 2012) there was a request from CMS (Center for Mathematical,Science Research Center) by the Center Govt.of India ,to lease the premises for their fresh operation for the years (2012-2013 and 2013-2014).I found it as a God given opportunity, to make use of the facilities for Educational purpose, in a way more than what I had ever dreamed in my life.

    So a contract was signed to that effect ,on the 15th of May 2012 and they started functioning from the Ist of June 2012.So now CMS is functioning from the premises of MCGC, at Maduravelly,Kaduthuruthy,Kottayam Dt,Kerala.

    Once MCGC was settled for good, I rushed to Sharjah, to reorganise RHYTHM EDUCATION CENTRE ,So as not to waste a Precious License of an Education centre, that too in an Islamic world.

    As it has always happened in my case “Divine Intervention in most desperate situations” This time too,three partners came forward to reactivate the Institution. An American and two Indians,on a 25% partnership basis. Where the Church failed me on three occasions since 2007,finally the laity has come to my rescue, may be to carry forward the flag ,in God’s name. Should we read into it?………..I don’t know?

    The renovation works are on and soon things should be fine as it was till 2009.I am still retaining 25% partnership for the HOLY CATHOLIC CHURCH,IN PARTICUALAR FOR THE SALESIANS OF DON BOSCO,TO FLY THE BANNER OF DON BOSCO IN THIS PART OF THE WORLD.


    Fr.Tomy Kuruvilla 29-06-2012.

  9. Fr.Tomy Kuruvilla


    THOUGH THERE WAS A SET BACK, in my effort to hand over MCGC to the Salesians of Bangalore / Kerala region,the dream of empowering the middle Class Children of the region is being realized,sooner than what I really expected.

    An year of experiment in running a boarding for similar programme told me very clearly that this is not really the need of the hour, taking the concrete situation in Kerala today.

    Some of the reasons being:
    1.A general dislike for boarding type of life in the middle-class category.
    2.The ill-affordability from the financial point of view,especially to do something like this single-handed.
    3.The risk factor involved in dealing with the modern kids who are very much exposed to the modern medias like T.V,Inter-net and mobile culture, in-spite of the fact that they belong to middle-class families.
    4.A fear that most of the valued time would be wasted in problem solving and the real motive being Education oriented,it would not serve the purpose,since most of the kids who come to the boarding these days come with a whole lot of problems.

    With this assessment I had no option but to think of something more relevant and practical for this region.As usual I did a lot of brain storming and came up with the idea of the concept of “Day Boarding”

    So finally on the 30th of September, an Evening STUDY CENTER was inaugurated by the local MLA . (Monsi Joseph) the function was attended by the Pnachayat President Mrs.Mary Joseph and some of the Ward members.There were also a couple of priests and nuns from near-by to boost up the spirit of the EIGHTEEN HIGH-SCHOOL STUDENTS , who were selected for the first experimental batch.The presence of their parents as well as their siblings enlivened the atmosphere very much.

    To begin with they had their “Orientation Course” and now they are a very serious group of Eighteen High-School students applying themselves to very serious study from 6pm to every day from Monday to Sunday,on all the days of the WEEK.

    What is so very remarkable is that they are all happy and doing very well in their studies,shown through their better performance at the School.

    Apart from their regular studies they have also facilities for learning Computer and Music.Indoor games and Out-door games facilities on week-ends,in the morning as well as in the evenings.

    Special classes in Spoken-English, Hindi and English Grammar. Week-end Yoga Classes etc. The parents are very much thrilled and it has so to say become the talk of the town.Unfortunately we cannot entertain all the requests since we cannot entertain more students at least for the coming two years. We hope to expand the facilities in two years time to accommodate at least a 100 deserving kids of this region.

    So finally we have arrived at the real objective of Marian Career Guidance Centre (MCGC) almost after twenty years of real hard work and planing.

    I take this chance to say a word of thanks to all those individuals who encouraged me in this venture during the past twenty years to do something definite to empower the Middle-class Children of Kerala.The results are already seen and I have absolutely no doubt,that it was worth the effort . Thankyou, Thankyou and Thankyou.
    Fr.Tomy Kuruvilla (Director of MCGC)

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