Multi-city Protest Against Anti-Christian Bollywood Film Continues

Obnoxious poster (2nd) of Who's There? film

MUMBAI – Hundreds of letters have flooded the inboxes of the decision-makers. The malicious Advertisements are off. The CSF (Catholic-Christian Secular Forum) met the Censor Board CEO, Pankaja Thakur and spoke to the chairperson, Ms. Leela Samson who assured action is being taken. The fact is… The advertisement is a violation of the law and even worse – there is another poster / advertisement with Jesus on the Cross or Crucifix turned upside down (see attached visual).

The Censor Board is calling for “some eminent personalities and a representative of the Church” to a special screening and try to find some excuse to release the film.

Pls send emails IMMEDIATELY to these email ids:,,,,,


Sub: Revoke the Film Certificate & Prosecute the Culprits

* The CSF is given to understand by the Censor Board that revoking of the Certificate, is a Government Info & Broadcasting Ministry or CM’s decision and hence, we urge you to get the authorities to act in the matter.

* Why are different standards being followed for Christians and other minorities or even the majority. If such images would not be tolerated by & of any other religion, why are we taken for granted and not treated at par with the rest.

* The movie-makers are criminals who have published unauthorised advertisements, without certification details, which is a non-bailable offence. Who then is shielding these persons and why then is the Government not applying the law to take action against them?

* There is more to it than meets the eye. The acts committed by the movie-makers and the Censor Board have hurt our religious sentiments and so action under 295 A action needs to be taken. Complaints have been filed with the police.

There was no Christian member to view and clear the film, as required by earlier judgments, when The CSF went to court. Your action in getting the certificate revoked, will make Christians feel they are equal, not second-class citizens.

The message that goes out to the national & international community will be clear.

Your Secular Indian,

(Your Name)

To read the contents of an earlier blog on this topic, pls chk the link.


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One response to “Multi-city Protest Against Anti-Christian Bollywood Film Continues

  1. Christians allow controversial film release after conditions met
    * Who’s There? movie with NO reference to the Cross, Religion nor anti-Christian images released.
    * To satisfy The CSF, Censor Board holds special screening with a priest & Christian member.
    * The advertisements/posters/scenes, etc. were censored and the movie given A certificate.
    * FIRs and complaints have been filed across police stations by Christian activists.
    * The movie-makers have apologised for hurting the sentiments of the community.
    * The CSF will pursue with the police to arrest and prosecute the culprits.
    * The Government needs to act by making new guidelines for such films.
    * The CSF will lobby for a Blasphemy law against negative portrayal.

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