Sangh Parivar Protest Christmas Celebrations in Kandhmal, Orissa

Kandhamal transport boycott. File photo.

KANDHMAL, Orissa (Br Markose) – I have been touring interior areas during past few days. A good number of families of Phiringia, Chakapad, Tikabali, K Nuagam blocks have left the [Kandhmal] district as they were in fear of being attacked. Many [Christian] people told me that they would not go to church for night services. Many places, village chapels have not been decorated too. At many villages, though they have not fled the places, people are in fear.

It appears that the administration is alert – we can find police personnel in most of the sensitive places. Magistrates too are moving about.

Though (boycott) bandh call was withdrawn, public transport was not as usual during morning hours at Nuagam, Raikia, etc. Letters were given by RSS (right wing Hindus) affiliates to shop-owners and transport owners not to operate on days of bandh.

Many Kandhmal Christians those who work within and outside the district would not prefer to go home for Christmas as the Sangh Parivar [right wing Hindu] outfit allowed for rally and bandh on 26th of December 2011. Fearing that they would not make it to the offices on 26th, they would be caught on Bandh Day.

Secondly, most of the Christians do not own neither four wheelers nor two wheelers. Parivar activists ensured that all those who had two wheelers were burnt down or dismantled and parts were taken. This has made the situation worse. With no government /public transportation buses plying in Kandhamal, the people usually depend on local private transportation and almost all are owned by people those who are affiliated / or yield into dictates of Sangh Parivar.

Sangh Parivar activists have sent notices to these owners not to operate in Kandhamal on Christmas day. If the transport owners yield into them, it would have definite impact on the mobility during Christmas as the people would be travelling at least ten kilometers to reach their Churches for celebration.

Read more about the threat by PROXY….


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One response to “Sangh Parivar Protest Christmas Celebrations in Kandhmal, Orissa

  1. Anupam Sharma

    Sangh Parivar is trying to make India a theocratic nation, no matter how much they try CHRISTMAS is celebrated all over India with great enthusiasm.

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