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Eek Deewana Tha poster

MUMBAI, (Joseph Dias) —  Change Hosanna Petition:

YouTube link to show how vulgar the song Hosanna has been made into:
The CSF welcomes popular Indian author Chetan Bhagat who reportedly said at the Jaipur Literature Festival that he would not make Salman Rushdie a hero for “attacking God” and religious sentiments in India have to be respected.
“I’ll not make somebody who attacks my God a hero. This is India, you cannot hurt feelings here,” he said.
The same should hold good in case of Hosanna by AR Rahman and Javed Akhtar.
The CSF deplores double standards when it comes to Christians

If Salman Rushie could be prevented from coming to India because one of his books hurt Muslim religious sentiments, then why should the word ‘Hosanna’, offending Christians & Jews, not be deleted from the Eek Deewana Tha movie?
Is it because Christians and Jews cannot make as loud a noise or disturbance as others?
Why are the authorities slow in acting or responding, when it comes to micro-minorities? It is because we do not make our voice heard.

The above is just one of the reasons for Indian Christians to unite and at least say our sentiments are hurt or be threatened to live on the sidelines until we are extinct.
In J & K valley the few hundred odd Christian families there are threatened to be expelled, while a Sharia Court has proposed control over Christian schools and institutions – threatening their existence there. In other states, we battle not just the extra-constitutional authorities, but also in thousands of cases – the might of the Police State and the challenges that come from a communally coloured official establishment.

We have a number of more serious issues to attend to than “Hosanna” and nor have we the Vitamin M (Men, Money & Machinery) that MNCs like Fox Star, Sony Music & the others have for a long legal battle. But YOU can help us take on their might, if we can show that Christian sentiments are hurt, as we did in the case of many movies, the latest being “Who’s There” when persons concerned were put in custody for several days.

The CSF has made it easy for you, by putting up an online petition to The Prime Minister and request you to sign it. It will go directly to him and we will send it to the others concerned. Your petition to get the word “Hosanna” removed from the song is available at.
We do not have much time to left and so we would appeal to you to sign the petition and forward the above link to as many as possible to sign it too.
The CSF intercessors & prayer group members continue their prayers pray for those who assist us in this initiative.


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3 responses to “Sign Up “Change Hosanna” On-line Petition

  1. Nirmal Jamreet Toppo

    Well, it is bad to be religiously hurt but perhaps we do in this case without knowing and analysing the context.
    First, hosanna in in the context of Judaism means ‘save’ or ‘pray’ as for the reliability of my research says. In Christian context it means to praise or adore the Lord. So, here we Christians are raising this issue of “sacrilege”. As far as the song that I heard and the video I watched, I find nothng typically wrong except that it is a bit improper to bring a religious word out of context and use it in a romantic scene.
    Even then, personally saying… Isn’t it all right if I praise the Lord for the thrill of love that I experience when I fall in love? There is no vulgarity in the video except the kissing clips that go against the traditional thoughts on premarital physical intimacy. Therefore, to me it appears that we should not make a hue and cry over it likening it to the case of Rushdie on being offensive to Muslims.
    Secondly, the movie was released in down southern India where there is a good number of traditional Christians. In all these southern states this song is well known but no one objected as far as I know. If some did then they could have easily made the objection known to the composers and film makers. That would have deterred them from making the film at the national level.
    In short, the use of “Hosanna” may be offensive in the context of Judaism but if it is for Christian context, as far as the theme of love goes in the right manner saying “Hosanna” isn’t wrong. Enlighten me if you think I am in the darkness of sin and under the banality of evil. Thank You.

  2. Dannysteve


    The word hosanna is etymologically derived from Latin osanna, hosanna which itself was derived from Greek ὡσαννά, ὠσαννά, representing Hebrew הושיעה־נא, הושיעה נא‎ hôšâ‘-nā’[1] which is short for hôšî‘â-nā’ from Aramaic הושע נא‎[2] meaning “save, pray”. Christian usage has come through the Greek Bible, giving it the form ὡσαννά, hōsanná.

    In liturgical context, it refers to a shout of praise and worship and adoration, or referring to a cry expressing an appeal for divine help. It appears in numerous verses including in “Hosanna; blessed is the one who comes in the name of the Lord” (Mark 11.9), “hosanna in the highest” (Mark 11.10); “hosanna to the Son of David” (Matt 21:9), “help” or “save, I pray” (Psalm 118:25).
    Liturgical use in different traditions


    “Hoshana” (הושענא) is a Hebrew word meaning please save or save now. In Jewish liturgy, the word is applied specifically to the Hoshana Service, a cycle of prayers from which a selection is sung each morning during Sukkot, the Feast of Booths or Tabernacles. The complete cycle is sung on the seventh day of the festival, which is called Hoshana Rabbah (הושענא רבא, “Great Hosanna”).


    “Hosanna” (Greek transcription: ὡσαννά, hōsanna) is the cry of praise or adoration shouted in recognition of the Messiahship of Jesus on his entry into Jerusalem, Hosanna! Blessed is the one who comes in the name of the Lord!It is used in the same way in Christian praise.

    Overall, it seems that “Hosanna” is a cry for salvation; while at the same time is a declaration of praise. Therefore, it may be derived that this plea for help is out of an agreeably positive connotation.

    The old interpretation “Save, now!” which may be a popular etymology, is based on Psalm 118:25 (Hebrew הוֹשִׁיעָה נָּא hOshEeah-nna) (Possibly “Savior”).

    The Neo Cultural Mass Media seems to be blind to values and religious sentiments. Religion is the very soul of people all over the world .. any misuse of any of the icons of religion hurts and humiliates the very dignity and sentiments of people. This applicable to any religion.

    It is not being Dogmatic. Hosanna is addressed to the only superior of all. to be practical , no son or daughter will ever tolerate the any humiliation done to their parents .. be it father or mother. Thus the use of Hosanna in Bollywood Films degrades human dignity. A rational Human person should know the difference.
    It is my humble request that The Word Meant only for the “Holiest of the Holiest” be dropped immediately from the Bollywood film .

  3. Dannysteve

    “Hosanna” is a Tamil song from the 2010 Tamil film Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa composed by Academy Award winner A. R. Rahman, featuring lyrics by Thamarai and Blaaze. The song features vocals by Suzanne, Blaaze and Vijay Prakash, who is the main vocalist. It also features additional vocals by Vivek Agarwal, Dr. Narayan, V. V. Prasanna and Haricharan Sesh and chorus by K. M. Music Conservatory. The song was reused in the Telugu remake of the film, Ye Maaya Chesave as Ee Hridayam with lyrics by Anantha Sreeram, and in the film’s Hindi remake, Ek Deewana Tha.

    About the song

    The song is woven around the word Hosanna which is sacred and used in liturgy by Jews and Christians all over the world. The word is a shout of adoration and literally means save now. In the movie, it is a soulful romantic song which express the joy in the heart and soul of a guy who comes across his beloved. The song has rap interludes in between by Blaaze.

    The song starts slowly with lyrics Yen Idhayam, resembles the biblical verses “If someone slaps you on one cheek, let him slap the other too!”, but soon gain its pace with the lines starting Andha Neram. The lyrics were written by director Gautham Menon’s usual associate Thamarai, whilst the lyrics for the rap portion were written by the Blaaze. It was the composer itself, who suggested to include the word Hosanna, as the heroine hails from a Christian family and to include the portion Yen Idhayam.

    Bollywood singer Vijay Prakash is the main vocalist, who sung the male portion completely except for the rap portion starting Everybody Wanna. While Suzanne with her excellent singing, culminate in a mesmerizing humming of the word Hosanna.

    The song is loosely based on two Carnatic ragas, Mohanam and Natabhairavi.
    Music video and picturisation
    Simbu dancing in the music video for “Hosanna”.

    The song is picturised when the protagonist of the film Karthik (Silambarasan / Naga Chaitanya) comes across his beloved Jessy (Trisha Krishnan / Samantha Ruth Prabhu) the very first time. The choreography was done by Flexi Stu. The song was picturised in Malta with an interesting dance sequence by Silambarasan and Naga Chaitanya in respective films.


    Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya was one of the most anticipated soundtracks as it was the first album composed by A. R. Rahman after his double Oscars win. Following this anticipation, before the official audio release on 19 December 2009 in London and 12 January 2010 in Chennai, Hosanna track was leaked onto the internet. Later the track was officially released with the same singer but another strophe had been added to the song. A thirty seconds video of the song was also released later.

    In 2012, members of an organization called Christian Secular Forum (CSF) objected to the song, claiming that “Hosanna” is a sacred word. They demanded removal of the word from the song, and an apology.

    Films and Music are forms of art. It should be appreciated. But there are factors to be taken into consideration.

    It is not only the CSF who demand an apology , it the concern of all the people who knows what religious sentiments means, what dignity means. One cannot degrade Dignity and Religious icons for the sake of commercial films.

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