DB Alumni Celebrate Holi

Alumni take the floor in Holi gaiety

KOLKATA, (C.M. Paul) – Don Bosoc School Park Circus became the first DB School of Kolkata province to celebrate the national spring festival of Holi on Sunday 18 March. Even though the official spring festival celebration was held on 8 March, the DB Alumni scheduled their celebrations for a Sunday morning. Starting at about 10 am the alumni who came along with their spouses and children were greeted with Holi greetings and exchange of colours. The Salesians of the school too joined the gaiety…

Addressing some 150 Holi revelers, Rector and Principal Fr Siby sporting vermilion on his forehead encouraged all, irrespective of caste and creed to join the celebrations.

Salesians sporting Holi vermilion

He said, “it is festivities such as Holi spread all over the year that help us keep united and celebrate life.”

In fact, the alumni celebrate, Hindu, Muslim and Christian festivities.

While the accompanying music party provided typical Holi songs in Hindi, thandai (a special chilled milk based drink) was served to all. It was followed by more song and community dancing in which several alumni and their children took part freely while their spouses looked on.

After some two hours of signing and dancing all were served vegetarian snacks including aloo puri, jilebi and other goodies.

It is said the spirit of Holi encourages the feeling of brotherhood in society and even the enemies turn friend on this day. People of all communities and even religions participate in this joyous and colourful festival and strengthen the secular fabric of the nation.


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