‘Christian persecution an exaggeration’ says Kerala Archbishop

By Philip Mathew, Bangalore

Major abp Cleemis

NEW DELHI, (Dr. John Dayal) – The Major Archbishop is right, of course, if he is referring to the Kerala experience. In Kerala there is no persecution other than Love Jihad.

The threats in Kerala, as exemplified by the Catholic Media and the heads of the churches in the recent past, are:

1. the communists

2. the Muslims who indulge in love jihad and entice Catholic girls

2. The Muslims who are rapidly increasing in numbers and will overtake, if not overwhelm, the Catholic and Christian population and to counter which the Catholics, specially, have to produce more children.

Muslims are also an issue in theKashmirvalley where the extremist groups are persecuting the Christian micro-minority.

Unfortunately, Christian persecution at the hands of the HIndutva extremists remains a problem in as many as 14 States where the so-called “sporadic violence” continues on a  daily basis. Even Kerala’s neighbor, Karnataka, registers hundreds of cases every year – far from sporadic.

People have to visit Kandhamal to realise what violence is and what terror means to the Faith.

And of course, there is state persecution, of which the Dalit Christians will tell you more. And  the so called Freedom of Religion Bills. A church really involved in evangelization, and in dialogue of life with the people of all faiths, will be able to speak of it more

By the way, the USA and many countries of Europe are deeply concerned at the erosion of Freedom of Faith by governments and fundamentalist groups inIndia. The US has once again put India on the Watch List.

It is no one’s case that every Hindu is a terrorist and persecutor.

And even the Kerala church will not say every Muslim is a love Jehadi.

The vast majority of Hindus, as the vast majority of Muslims, is a peaceful lot. It is the one per cent lunatic fringe, as a prime minister once said, which causes the bloodshed and terror. But the one per cent of a billion Hindus is a very large number. These lunatics have to be exposed, and controlled.

God bless us all.
John Dayal


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