Auxilium Schools Hold Media Education for Teachers

Media Education Workshop for Auxilium Teachers

KOLKATA,  (Sr. Rosy Veliyan) – The Auxilium schools in and around Kolkata are holding a day-long media education workshop for their teachers at Auxilium Convent School Dum Dum, 21 April. Some 60 teachers from their six schools in the neighbouring districts of Calcutta, Hooghly, Nadia and North 24 Parganas are participating. Among the participants are 18 Sisters from schools at Bandel, Barasat, Gobra, Kalyani, Monsadah and Dum Dum.

Salesian father Prof. C. M. Paul, guest faculty at the University of Calcutta, Department of Journalism & Mass Communication is the resource person.

“We are living in an exceedingly fast paced world of high speed communication in the digital age. We need to make critical use of the media, make it a tool for personal growth,” said the Social Communications delegate of the province Sr Lucy Kachira giving orientation for the day’s proceedings.

Fr. C.M. Paul at Media Education workshop

“I am looking forward to the workshop to draw us into the dynamic digital world,” says Miss Janelle Rodrigues of Auxilium School Dum Dum a first time participant.

“Hope this workshop helps broaden my knowledge about the new media,” says senior most participant Sr Rose Simon of Auxilium Kalyani.

This introductory training for “Media Education in Schools” will be followed by a practical Media Education training session for teachers to implement the Media Education Syllabus for Auxilium Schools (classes 1 to 10). The national syllabus was drawn up by the Salesian Sisters’ national team for Social Communications under the leadership of veteran media educationist Sr Phyllis Fernandes of Mumbai.

“Other than CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) New Delhi Board which has drawn up Media Education Syllabus for Class XI & XII, we are not aware of any other group that has prepared detailed syllabus and books for Media Education,” said Sr Lucy commenting on the ambitious national project by the Salesian Sisters.

There are some 1,100 Salesian Sisters in India spread out in six provinces running 82 schools.

The five hour progarmme which commenced at 9 am is scheduled to end by 2 pm.



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7 responses to “Auxilium Schools Hold Media Education for Teachers

  1. All the very best to CMP for this commendable venture.In the corporate world such a programme would have cost Lakhs of rupees per day by way of fees for the Trainer. I know of an Indian trainer in the Gulf whose seminar fee is 1.4 lakh rupees for a day..and he runs a Ltd Company for this.
    Those getting this training for free hopefully will not take it for granted and gratis!
    CMP would have a fat bank balance were he to become a corporate trainer in communication. Great going!

    • Tina Mukherjee

      an invigorating experience……………indeed the messenger is the messege………..hats off to this medium of hands on learning.

      • PRITHI


  2. Roy Chowdhury

    Congrats to the Auxilium Group Kolkata for initiating Media Education training for their teachers. Look forward to the implementation of the school syllabus for the same. Hope you will also share your expertise with other schools.

  3. regi

    Very Good CMP. You enriched us so much. Thank you!

    Sr. Lucy & Sr. Regi

  4. Wow – “There are some 1,100 Salesian Sisters in India spread out in six provinces running 82 schools.” – What a tool for Social Transformation and opportunity for Personal Witness these educators have at hand! If only teaching is coupled with real-time life witness and online presence, much good can be done. Networking of all good efforts of teachers and sisters in all 82 schools in India would do wonders.

    Online resource sharing for the student community and healthy usage of youth social networking could be the next Chapter’s discussion spear headed by ‘Education Commission and not by Media Commission! Schools own the project and Media Department are paid for their professional work!!

  5. Augustine J. Veliath

    Late Fr Jacob Srampickal SJ’s Prescription for Media Education

    Fr Srampickal has a prescription for our schools and more importantly for our seminaries and religious formation centers: go all out for media education.

    India today faces a variety of challenges posed by the media explosion. Films and TV programs have invaded Indian homes. These spawn an altogether new culture. The values subtly propagated by this new media are not merely unchristian but even anti-Indian. The poor have been made grist for the consumerist mill of the media.

    Glorifying violence and sex, belittling marital commitments, stereotyping women as sex objects, projecting material well-being as the goal of human life, increasing consumerism and conspicuous consumption, portraying western modes as superior to indigenous forms, making universal models of media stars, creating a hunger for clothes, cosmetics and junk food, every possible negative influence is being highlighted.

    “The media transforms sexuality into sex appeal, self-respect into pride, the will to live into the will to power. They exacerbate acquisitiveness into greed,” the Jesuit media guru used to lament.

    It is important that the positive use of media is amply enhanced. Media education will help our students and seminarians be critical and discerning receivers of media messages, with the ability to respond to media manipulations.

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