Andhra Churches Nominate Christian Candidate for President of India

Sri P.A. Sangma

HYDERABAD(C.M. Paul) — The Andhra Pradesh Federation of Churches (APFC) proposes candidature of Sri P.A. Sangma for the post of the President of India. Former Chief Minister of Meghalaya and Union Minister several times, Sri Sangma proved world class parliamentarian as the Speaker of the Lok Sabha.

“Sri P.A. Sangma is the best candidate now available for us to fulfill this task,” says the APFC Press release.

First, Sri Sangma belongs to the Tribal community, and no Tribal / Adivasi was given the post of the President of India so far.

Second, He hails from the North East of India, which is not given proper representation in the Government of India and so feels alienated.

Third, he is a Christian by religion; though the members of other Minority communities like the Muslims and Sikhs were given the post of the President not Christians. It is the turn of a Christian now.

Fourth, he possesses all other qualifications required for the post. He is a scholar in law and practiced as advocate.

APFC is a state level apex body and an umbrella organization of the mainline Churches of various Christian Denominations represented by the Bishops / Heads of Churches in A.P. It is an ecumenical fellowship of the Churches and Dioceses of the Catholic, Church of South India (CSI), Baptist, Lutheran, Methodist, Mennonite, Salvation Army, Seventh Day Adventist, Assemblies of God, Pentecostal /Evangelical Churche sand other Christian Denominations.

The press release is put out by president of AP Bishops’ Council and General Secy of APFC Bishop Gali Bali of Guntur.



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4 responses to “Andhra Churches Nominate Christian Candidate for President of India

  1. Muralidharan MP

    if u r looking for a christian figure for the post of President of India, the constitutional expert Mr.Justice KT Thomas would be the right choice

  2. John Dayal

    Dear friends
    Mr Sangma does not stand a chance. He is the one who started the business of taunting Mrs Sonia Gandhi on her Italian origins, left the Congress when the party did not back him, a former Speaker of the Lok Sabha, to the post of President of India. Tempers have cooled somewhat and his daughter is the NCP nominee in the Union Council of Ministers as junior minister.

    Mrs Margaret Alva, governor of Uttaranchal Pradesh and with a long political lineage and background is a much better candidate. She also has a great relationship with Mamta Bannerjee, J Jayalalitha and Mayawati. It may also help in the politics of Karnataka where the Congress is desperately seeking to strengthen its political base.
    John Dayal
    New Delhi

  3. A.P. Federation of Churches

    The APFC proposes other Christian also, for example, Sri A.K. Anthony, Mrs Margaret Alva or Justice Saldhana.

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