Richard Loitam’s parents demand justice for murder most foul

Richard Loitam

BANGALORE, (L. Rajesh & RK Vidyabali) — Our son didn’t deserve to die. Richard was just 19 years old and studying at Archarya NRV School of Architecture in Bangalore (India). On the night of April 17th, his head was smashed by two students from his hostel.

What makes his death so much harder is knowing that we were only informed by the college authority about our son’s death the next day at 3.30 pm and the accused Vishal Banerjee (1st year B. Arch student) and Syed Afzal Ali (1st year MBA student), who brutally killed him are still not arrested.
But we hope for justice. We have started a petition asking the Police Commissioner of Bangalore, B. Jyoti Mirji to arrest the accused and file charges against them.

Protesters demand justice

Witnesses have revealed that Syed Afzal Ali repeatedly hit Richard’s head and face. The photographic images and preliminary post-mortem report also support this. However, the college authorities are trying to cover up by linking our son’s death to a minor accident he had a few days before and drug abuse which is clearly an attempt to defame our loving son.
The support that everyone has shown by organizing protests gives us strength to stand our ground.
CNN-IBN and other news agencies have already reported on the issue, but we need to put more pressure on the Police Commissioner to arrest the accused and put them on trial.

Even though the accused have been booked for murder, they havent been arrested yet. Two weeks have passed, and we are still demanding a fair and transparent investigation.

Please help us in getting justice for our son, Richard – we will be very grateful for your support.
Thank you,
Dr. L Rajesh (Loitam Richard’s father)
Dr. RK Vidyabali Devi (Loitam Richard’s mother)



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3 responses to “Richard Loitam’s parents demand justice for murder most foul

  1. The authorities of the Archarya NRV School of Architecture in Bangalore (India) trying to cover up the murder case is very clear. Some of the pertinent questions could be asked here: 1. Why are the two murderers found absconding before Richard’s death body was reported ? 2. With the kind of injuries that Richard had (I show in the photo), Why did the authorities not taken him to hospital for treatment ? Finally, why did the authorities inform Richard’s parents about his death at 3:30 pm when his death is confirmed in the morning ?
    This was an attempt to cover up the case. I suspect Richard was murder on the night of March 17, 2012 and his death body carried to his room. The whole game played out with the authorities trying to say that he was found death the next morning. And the authorities should be charged for attempting to mis-lead the case because the act amounts to killing Richard.

  2. Francis

    It is really a sad incident….

  3. it’s sad, but that’s india for you. a barbaric and savage place with no system of law enforcement, or laws for that matter, to speak of.

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