15 Schools Participate in Bosco Chriz

Bosco Chriz 2012 held at Don Bosco School Kolkata

KOLKATA, (C.M. Paul) — The Annual BOSCO CHRIZ, an inter-school event was held at Don Bosco School Park Circus Kolkata, 6th May. Fifteen Catholic schools with some 600 delegates participated in the seven event day long programme. Two bus loads of delegates from Bandel (Don Bosco and Auxilium schools) were the largest contingent, other than the host school.

The day started off with the Chancellor of the archdiocese of Calcutta Fr John Mohandas presiding over the solemn Eucharistic celebration. It also marked the feast of St Dominic Savio, patron of the DBPC School.

The day long programme concluded with Archbishop Thomas D’Souza of Calcutta being chief guest at the 90 minute concluding ceremony held in the main auditorium.

Bosco Chriz Eucharist 2012

The entire event was managed by the Young Christian Students group of DBPC under the guidance of teachers and animators Gillian, Bipasha, Sherry, Nancy and others.

The day’s events included the following: Chriz Rhymez consisting of writing a piece of rhyme in about 50 to 100 words on a given topic within 60 minutes. Loreto Entally bagged the first prize while Auxilium Dum Dum secured second place.

Chriz Explorationz consisted of each team of three members raced against other teams to complete tasks and solve a series of clues which led to a single word solution. Loreto Elliott Roadwon the first prize while St Xavier’s took the second place.

The event Chriz Illustrationz had each team consisting of two members in which one participant was given a Biblical story while the other illustrated it in just 10 minutes. Don Bosco Park Circus won the first place while St Xavier’s got second prize.

The Chriz Contentionz had two participants per school debating for and against the motion: The Church is an agent for spiritual growth, not social regeneration.

While Don Bosco Park Circus won the first place and Auxilium Dum Dum the second place for the motion, Auxilium Dum Dum and St Xavier’s won the first and second place respectively against the motion.

The Chriz Quiz Juniors (classes VI-VIII) were quizzed on Genesis, Exodus and the Gospels with Auxilium Bandel and Don Bosco Bandel winning the first and second prizes. The Seniors (classes IX-XII) had their questions from Genesis, Exodus, the Gospels, the Acts and Revelation. Don Bosco Park Circus and Don Bosco Liluah won the first and second places respectively.

Two events held common in the main auditorium were: Chriz Skitz and Gospel Expressionz. The first prize for the nine member Skitz team which developed a short skit on “The Deadly Sins” went to Auxilium Dum Dum. The second price was shared between DB Liluah and DB Park Circus.

The final event of the day was Gospel Expressionz on the theme “The Miracles in Life” portrayed through song, dance and tableau by a team consisting of maximum 25 members. While Don Bosco Park Circus won the first prize, Auxilium Bandel got the second.

While the marks of the final event were tallied, DBPC YCSers from Dhapa (Tengra) performed several numbers of the popular dragon dance. Two dragons made their entrance through the centre isle of the auditorium on to the stage enthralling the audience.

The programme concluded with prize distribution.

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