Shalom TV, God’s Own Channel

Shalom Television, Thursday Night Vigil set

PERUVANNAMOOZHI, (Calicut) – The first Indian Catholic television channel is perched upon a hilltop in a forest area some 65 kms from Kozhikode close to Peruvannamoozhi Dam and Kuttiyadi River Irrigation Project. It is the first 24 hour Catholic television channel which started in the tiny southern India state of Kerala.

Christened Shalom Television, it is the only Indian Christian channel dedicated to faith nurturing of some 36 million Malayalam speaking population of Kerala as well as the Malayalee diaspora in the UK, USA, South Africa, Middle East, Australia and most of the countries in Asia.

Bro. Benny

Now, in its 7th year, Shalom Television has become the largest religious media network inIndia, transmitting programming to all countries from the U.K. to Western Australia through cable systems, wireless cable, Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS), low power TV and individual satellite users.

As a Free-to-Air Television Network, Shalom Television today (2012) touches the lives of over 20 million viewers served by the various DTH networks and Cablevision.

For many homebound and hospitalized persons, Shalom Television is the only conduit through which to celebrate their faith. The channel claims to be the only television broadcast dedicated to intercessory prayer as its major goal.

Shalom Television also airs family and religious programming offering inspiring talk shows, entertaining children’s animation, exclusive teaching series, and thought-provoking documentaries. In addition the station broadcasts daily Mass, Holy Rosary and Novenas.

Shalom TV Senior Manager Zacharias Augustine

Financed and directed by lay Catholic professionals, the channel which caters to Malayalam speaking faithful all over the world does not depend on commercial advertising revenues for its running and upkeep.

It all started with a small prayer group under the leadership of Mr. Benny Punnathara in 1989, with Shalom, a non-profit organization with three publications: Shalom Times, Shalom Tidings and Sunday Shalom. The publications were meant to bring answers to their day to day problems and pressures of life; solace and healing from the One who is always available to all who search for Him.

Shalom Television broke new ground in 1998 with its mission through half-hour programmes named “Samadhanam Nammodukoode” (Peace be with us) in the leading “Asianet” Malayalam TV channel. With a relentless passion to start a 24 hour television, Shalom launched its official television channel in March 2005.

Shalom associates with Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN), the largest Catholic Television network in the world, transmitting programming 24 hours a day.


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4 responses to “Shalom TV, God’s Own Channel

  1. elizabeth fernandes,poona

    i watch shalom channel, i want you to give sub titles in english of every preaching n prayers please. thanks, its a beautiful channel i cannot understand a word, except the holy mass at 4 pm.thanks – elizabeth

  2. Ms.MERLIN.J.A

    Greetings to all at SHALOM TV……..
    Our family watch SHALOM TV almost every time during the day from last many years and blessed in many way. Very valuable preaching, messages ,life incidence of people, counselling, health related, hymns, kids program, English …. Novena Mass praise & worship etc Oh what a wonderful channel to spend full time. People watching this channel will defiantly surrender to GODS WORDS and live a meaningful life. I wish every home watch and be blessed. I thank everybody working hard for this channel. Love & Prayers… Ms.Merlin.J.A



  4. p.y.mathew baburaj

    i like it

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