Dominique LaPierre critically ill

Padma Bhushan D. LaPierre

KOLKATA, (C.M. Paul) – The popular author and esteemed friend of Calcutta, Padma Bhushan awardee Mr Dominique Lapierre is critically ill in his home country France.

“I am extremely sad to inform that our friend Dominique is critically ill,” says his long time friend in Kolkata, Jesuit Fr Gaston Roberge.

“Dominique fell down at his home and has been in coma for several days now, and is on ventilator and other artificial life support systems,” he adds.

The doctors, says Fr Roberge, are of the opinion that his illness affecting the brain is terminal.

Long time Mother Teresa collaborator and well wisher of the Missionaries of Charity, Mr Dominique’s Kolkata connection includes his bestseller book ‘The City of JOY,’ which has gone into several language editions and his Mother Teresa film (the first feature film on Mother Teresa, released in 1997) “In the Name of God’s Poor“.

With his maxim, “what is not given is lost,” a large portion of the royalties of his books have been ploughed back into his social service NGO Udayan in Calcutta, and the floating dispensaries in the Sunderbans…

“We need urgently to hold a prayer meet at the tomb of Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta for the speedy recovery of her friend,” says Dominique LaPierre adimirer and city film maker Mr Sunil Lucas currently president of SIGNIS India (Catholic Association for Radio, TV & Cinema).

The prayer service in collaboration with Alliance France, Udayan, SIGNIS Bengal and several other well wishers is scheduled for Friday, 29 June.

The interfaith prayer meet for Dominique will be held at Blessed Teresa of Calcutta’s tomb at 6.00 pm on Friday, 29 June 2012.

Praises galore for “controversial” Mother Teresa film


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10 responses to “Dominique LaPierre critically ill

  1. Takis Anoussis

    We all pray for Dominique, a shining light of humanity an example to all of us, a teacher and a friend Takis

  2. shocked by the news, but trustful in his fate, I will pray for him right now.

  3. Dominique, nous prions tous pour toi, nous t’aimons

  4. Helen. Lieberman

    I am heartbroken and will pray for my dearest friend’s recovery. My special love goes to his devoted wife —Dominique. May she be given strength and many blessings. It has been a privilege to know both these wonderful people as they have truly made this world a better place. In admiration,hope and peace. Helen Lieberman and Ikamva Labantu.

  5. Au moins deux fois, j’ai relu la “Cité de la joie” de Dominique Lapierre. Son livre m’a aidé dans les missions où j’ai été envoyé, comme prêtre de Don Bosco, dans les quartiers pauvres de Toulouse, le Chili, la Guinée Conakry, le Cameroun, Je remercie Paul CherutoTupuram de cet envoi, par lequel je découvre aussi son activité multiple. Nous prions avec vous pour Dominique.
    Jean Baptiste Beraud, sdb

  6. Jane & Dan

    We pray for our longtime dear friends D & D.
    We have faith that he will once again shine his love and humanity on all.

  7. Jane & Dan

    We pray for our old and dear friends D&D. Their humanity shines always.

    Jane and Dan

  8. Jane and Dan Green

    We pray for the recovery of our old friend; a shining example of goodness.

    Jane and Dan

  9. Debasish Bhaduri, Berlin

    We pray for Dominique for a fast recovery.
    Debasish Bhaduri

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