Communion in the Word can happen on-line

Apb Luis Tagle

MANILA (Luis Tagle) — Communion in the Word can happen on-line…  After exploring communion in baptism, in marriage and family, in the priestly ministry, in reconciliation and in suffering and healing, we now turn to communion in the Word through Mary. Allow me to share a story says Archbishop Luis Tagle of Manila…
On my way back to the Philippines from one of my trips to Rome, I had a lay-over of more than three hours in an airport.
To while away the time, I went around looking for a coffee bar. I found one, placed my order and paid.

This is a normal human transaction, so I thought. The man who handed the coffee and the receipt asked, “Are you a priest?” A bit surprised, I said, “Yes”.
Then the next question, “Are you a Filipino?”
Now truly amused, I smiled and said, “Yes”.
He turned to one corner of the store, and while waving to some people hidden from my sight, said, “He is the one! Come!”
A group of Filipinos working in that airport came rushing to me.
They said that they followed on You Tube or Facebook my weekly reflections on the readings for Sunday mass shown on television, entitled The Word Exposed. Due to their irregular work schedule, they could not always be present at Sunday Mass. Through the Word they experience some form of communion with Jesus, they said.
One woman commented, “Through your stories, we feel united with our families back home. How we miss them!” Communion in the Word can happen on-line and in unexpected places!
We shared our stories until my coffee turned cold.


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2 responses to “Communion in the Word can happen on-line

  1. MEd journal

    These are some of the inspiring encounters that need to be emphasized in the use of the media in building communion. What is the word if it cannot inspire communion and sense of the real presence?

  2. Dipayan Sarkar

    really amazing story…..!!!!!!!

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