Lapierre’s wife sends message for Kolkata prayer meetting

Mr & Mrs Lapierre in Kolkata

FRANCE, (Mrs. Dominique LaPierre) —  Mrs. Dominique LaPierre sent the message to the prayer meeting held for the speedy recovery of Dominique Lapierre (in coma since 12 days) at Mother Teresa’s tomb, 29 June, Friday 6.00pm.  The SIGNIS India president, Mr. Sunil Lucas read out the message.

Dear Fathers, dear sisters and brothers, Missionaries of Charity, dear friends of our beloved India.
From the bedside of my dear husband, I would like to tell you my profound gratitude for being gathered around our beloved Mother Teresa’s Tomb to pray for the recovery of DOMINIQUE DADA.
On Sunday the 10th of June, we went to our village Ramatuelle to vote for the French Assembly Elections.
While walking outside, on a climbing road under a burning sun at noon, Dominique Dada told me he was feeling weak and he suddenly fell back knocked his head on the sidewalk.
It was not a cerebral vasculor accident but a very severe cranium trauma.
Transported to an Emergency Intensive Care Unit of Reanimation, he has been put in Artificial Coma to protect his vital functions and his brain.
After 12 days, he is now in the awakening phase. This can take weeks or even months before he comes back to conscious if he does. Let’s Hope.
I am sure that all the loving thoughts and prayers surrounding him will help him.
Since 40 years, inspired by Mother, Dominique gave his talent, energy and generous love to the service of the poorest of the poor.
Even if he does not survive, his action will go on.
Thank you for the bottom of my heart for the support of your prayers to accept God’s Will with a peaceful heart.


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