Life BEYOND the fast lane

BEYOND – the poster

KOCHI, (C.M. Paul) – The faculty of a premier film and media institution in Kochi has come up with a short film ready for its world premier. The production is also part of a huge Media Literacy project designed by Don Bosco IMAGE Kochi which is almost under completion.

Entitled BEYOND, the 15 minute long HD film is directed by Fr. Jiji Kalavanal sdb, the director of the four year old media institute.

Beyond narrates the many positive changes which happen to a dying man when an Army man visits his hospital bed side.

“A sequence of incidents is triggered during the jawan’s visit, which ends up as a warm emotion of love and care,” says Fr Jiji, who has directed several films and won national and international awards for his works.

Through this film, the director tries to explore the various facets of the existence of “unconditional love” and warm affection in today’s life on the fast lane.

“The storyline of the short film,” says the director, “was inspired by an anonymous forwarded email that landed up in my mail box.”

Subtle emotions by the characters, haunting musical melody, tight editing as well as accurate pacing given by the director ensures a gripping viewing.

Look out for the date and time for the world premier of Beyond!

Don Bosco IMAGE (Institute of Media, Graphic Arts and Effects) Vennala (Kochi) started on 16 August 2008, has courses in film making and graphic design. The academic year 2012-13 which started on 16 July, has more than 40 new students.


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