DOMINIQUE LaPIERRE, sits on a chair, attends to telephone

Dominique LaPierre

KOLKATA (Gaston Dayanand) —  Following a phone call yesterday of “Dominique  Didi”, (19 July) for the first time her husband could sit on an armchair! Beautiful news indeed.

Moreover, during the whole day he could open his eyes and follow the various persons who came to meet him. Sometimes, he seems to be able to understand something. I could speak to him directly through his wife’s mobile.

I told him slowly but loudly how many people pray for him, how much Indians are grateful for what he has done for us, how much we love him. Our lady-in charge here told him of her love and the love of all the children who pray for him.

After that, his wife explained me: “I am sure he (Dominique) knew the phone was from India and from you (Gaston), because he listened very attentively, but I am not sure of course that he has understood all. The ergotherapic process will take a lot of time.

But we do know now that the Will of God is that he must live. How? Is a different question, and the answer lies in the future and… in our patience.

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