Priest arrest in sexual abuse case seems fabricated by child

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KOLKATA, (C.M. Paul) – The Priest arrest on child abuse case seems fabricated… please read Fr NT Scaria SDB’s (Director, DB Prison Ministry) interview with hostel students, 19 July.

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Meanwhile, Fr. James Soren, the accused is still under Judicial Custody at Jongipur and will appear again in court on 23 July, 2012. Let us hope he soon gets his bail plea granted… and justice and truth prevails!


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3 responses to “Priest arrest in sexual abuse case seems fabricated by child

  1. Fr.Tomy Kuruvilla

    I am glad we are coming closer to the truth.Well, these days ,precisely because,the credibility of priests and Religious are at stake, these type of accusations with vested interest can come up. At the same time…… should be an eye-opener to the custodians of morality. We should be very careful as not to be accused. This does not mean that we should in any way be influenced by fear psychosis. TRUTH WILL ALWAYS TRIUMPH. It is all just a matter of time. My sincere prayers are with Fr.james Soren,Let not these instances discourage you in any way. Gold is tested in fire,I believe!

  2. Sr. Joe Martin Nalubega

    Jesud Master have mercy on them ! God is our protector and defender. Jesus is always the winner. Lord have mercy on us all.

    • It is unthinkable to what extend people can go with accusations of child molestationfor ulterior motives.
      Last year in Dubai the driver,conductor and attendant of an School bus were accused of sexually molesting a child of four. They languished in jail for six months.Finally they were acquitted as this was proved to be a case well fabricated by the mother. Her motive? To compel the school to employ heras a teacher!
      Newspapers raged with details of accusation of the poor three and finally had to bow out in humiliation with tails between their legs when the accused three were declared innocent of the crime.

      This was achieved because the school authorities stood by their employees and spent huge amount of money in their defense.

      From the interview report of Fr Scaria the case of Fr James seems to be fabricated.
      Fr James is INNOCENT until proven guilty.
      Hopefully the Diocese has appointed the best of lawyers in his defence,
      It is also high time that we heard what Fr James has to say. He will have a different story to tell.

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