Missionary Don Giuseppe MARCHESI, dies aged 97

Fr Joseph Marchesi at 95, photo taken at Arese in 2010.

ARESE, Milan, (C.M. Paul) – Fr. Joseph Marchesi, veteran missionary in India, and hero at Savio Juniorate Mawlai, the aspirantate of then Assam province died on 20 August 2012 at Arese (Milan), at the age of 97.

“A confrere of the Arese-Community, don Luca Pozzoni (who is doing his retreat with me at Avigliana, in Piedmont shared the sad news with me, this morning after the meditation, preached by the retired Cardinal of Turin, Severino Poletto,” says Fr Thomas Mylaparampil, veteran missionary in Argentina and now resident chaplain to the Salesian Sisters at Casa san Giuseppe, Nizza Monferrato, Northern Italy.

Fr Mylaparampil adds, “the name and the benevolence of Fr Marchesi will never be erased from the heart and mind of each and every one of us!”

Fr Marchesi, known for his musical and theatrical extravaganzas while in Shillong, was for several years Secretary to the General Councilor for Missions in Rome before he retired as chaplain to the old age home for Salesians at Arese near Milan. He was also the refuge of visiting Indian Salesians on their trips to the Pisana, Rome.


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5 responses to “Missionary Don Giuseppe MARCHESI, dies aged 97

  1. Mathew C. Paul

    He was truly a great missionary. I am sure he is resting at peace.

  2. Michael Makri

    Thanks for the news Fr. Paul… will say a mass for his soul tomorrow.

  3. Peter Lourdes

    During my practical training in Liluah 1948-50 Fr, Marchesi was Catechist. Of all those there, I remember him the most and modelled a bit on him. At this distance I do not remember what he did or what he said, but I still remember what he made me feel. He struck me as being a very spiritual person without long or loud recitations of prayers. (The same was an impression about Don Bosco which came up as an objection at his canonization process). He seemed to be seeing something more in reality than the rest of us. His eyes had that “far-away” look. I have a partiality for holy men whose human side is ripe. That’s what I liked in Marchesi.

  4. Robin Gomes

    I am a former Salesian from Kolkata. I came to know Fr. Marchesi (not personally) during my novitiate in Sunnyside (Upper Shillong) in 1972-’73. He was the Rector of Savio Juniorate and saw him stage operattas and conduct choirs and orchestras. But what touched me most about him is when I bumped into him some 20 years later at the Salesian Generalate at Pisana, Rome. I was invited to the Generalate by a Salesian friend of mine and during lunch I recognized Fr. Marchesi, along with several others, pushing a trolley serving food to all. When he came to our table, I stood up embarrassed and introduced myself, volunteering to push the trolley for him. With a smile and a gentle pat on my cheek he turned me down saying, “It’s alright, nothing strange! I enjoy doing it as we Salesians are supposed to be ‘fac totums’.” Great indeed! May God receive him into His eternal embrace!

  5. Fr. Joseph Thelekkatt

    I have not lived with Fr. Marchesi but I have met him when he was Rector of Sacred Heart Theological College…. I was a novice then… later I met him when he was in Savio Juniorate as the administrator and later still at the Generalate. In each of these encounters what struck me was his very human approach which was always loving. To me he was kindness persononified. May God reward him with heavenly bliss. Fr. Thelekkatt

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