TIME mag reporter at Vatican II to speak on the human face of the Council

Mr Robert Blair Kaiser

KOLKATA, (C.M. Paul) — As immediate preparation for the Year of Faith (11 October 2012 to 24 November 2013) Fr Gaston Roberge of St Xavier’s College and SIGNIS India is coordinating lecture tour of award winning TIME magazine reporter of the Vatican II. The three-week programme has Mr Robert Blair Kaiser present the “Human Face of the Council.”

Kaiser’s first India visit marks 50th anniversary of Vatican II Ecumenical Council and kicks off in Kolkata (15th September) with a felicitation programme at St Xavier’s College. In keeping with the Council’s invitation to be more “open to people of other faiths and religion” Kaiser will address inter-religious groups around Kolkata.

Arriving in Kolkata on 13th September from Phoenix, Arizona, Kaiser is expected to travel to Darjeeling, Guwahati, Shillong, Mumbai, Pune, Krishnagar, and New Delhi till 4th October.

“Mr. Kaiser is perhaps the single person who knows best what the Council was about and what message it heralded to the Church and to the world,” says Fr Roberge stating “there is a need to recreate the church not so much in the spirit of the commandments (to be observed for sure) as in that of the Beatitudes that invite us to go beyond commandments.”

“I think this is a great way to start preparations for the Year of Faith,” wrote Signis India president Sunil Lucas in a letter dated 11 August sent to 12 Signis India regions.

Author of five books on Church and burning issues, 81-year old Kaiser speaks with passion and heartfelt concern. His most recent book is entitled: A Church in Search of Itself: Benedict XVI and the Battle for the Future.

Kaiser’s “The Politics of Sex and Religion,” tells the story of how the people of God, not the pope, changed Church teaching on responsible parenthood. His narrative speaks about the papal birth control commission of the 1960s, and its surprising aftermath. The e-version of the book is available free: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/151118


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