Kolkata Keeps Mother Teresa’s 103rd Birthday

KOLKATA, (C.M. Paul) – In a rare show of affection, India’s oldest national newspaper, which claims to be a direct descendent of the first English language newspaper The Friend of India established in 1818 – The Statesman (issue dated 27 August 2012), carried three news photos and a half page colour advertisement on the occasion of the birth anniversary of Blessed Teresa of Calcutta (26 August 2012).

The Calcutta based newspaper had in its main section on pages 4 & 5 black and white photos of candle light at Mother’s tomb and another photo depicting an artist giving the finishing touches to a sketch (caricature?) of the Mother.

While its page 3 had a half page colour advertisement in homage to the Mother from the Ministry of Minorities Affairs, Government of India. (One might wonder why the Government of West Bengal failed to grab the occasion to demonstrate its pro-minority stand!!!).

The same newspaper in its South Bengal supplement carried front page four column colour photo of a Missionary of Charity sister paying homage to Mother Teresa.

No other newspaper in Calcutta had covered Mother Teresa birthday events this year, as did The Statesman.  It  dedicated a record making number of column centimeters to Mother Teresa birthday celebrations this year!

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