Signis Secretary General lauds Asian Members

Mr Alvito D’Souza

KUALA LUMPUR, (C.M. Paul) —  “Signis Asia has made significant contribution to policy making and leadership in the Signis world during the last eight years,” said the Secretary General of the World Catholic Communications body Signis addressing members gathered at their annual Asian General assembly being held in Malaysia, 1-5 October.

The Secretary General Mr. Alvito D’Souza from Signis World HQ in Brussels explained further, “It is not the question leadership positions in the Signis, though the current world president Mr Augustine Lourthusamy who is serving the second term in office is from Malaysia, an Asian country.”

The Asia’s vibrancy has lead the way in ideas, new initiatives and curative practice.

“The process and methodology used in the initiatives undertaken in the Asian countries have thrown new light for Signis to go forward,” said Mr D’Souza citing a major movie production undertaken by Indonesia, a Signis Asia member country.

The film referred to and entitled “Soegija” is about the first Indonesian to be consecrated to the office of bishop during the World War II raging in the Pacific. The film directed by a reputed Indonesian film director Mr. Garin Nugroho was released on the Indonesian National Awakening Day last June.


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