Life of Jesus presented in Indian dance drama

Dr Norbert presents Jesus DVD to Bishop Sim

KUALA LUMPUR, (C.M. Paul) – The Media Commission and the Commissions of Delhi archdiocese presented a hundred minute dance drama entitled Antardvand (Inner Conflict). It is based on late Divine Word Missionary Fr George Proksch’s epic work “Meshpal Bhagawan” (Shepherd God). It tells the journey of man from creation to the resurrection.

It is the story of Jesus, the true light which dispels the darkness of all (Jn 1:9).

Secretary of Signis India, Divine Word Missionary Fr Norbert Herman presented a DVD copy of the production (English language version) to Bishop Cornelius Sim of Brunei.

Fr Herman said, “Antardvand is a true light that humankind has witnessed since time immemorial, a question that has intrigued every mind. A light that we fight with others and suddenly realize, that the fight is within.”

He added, “the dance drama is an ode to the phenomena that spins the world, an ode to the exemplary life of the human that taught us not just how to exist in it but how to live powerfully in spite of it, and ode to the answer – Jesus, the weapon of love.”

The director and coordinator of the program was Divine Word Missionary Dr (Fr) John Paul.


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