TIME’s award winning Vatican II reporter needs urgent prayers

Robert Blair Kaiser

PHOENIX, (Robert Blair Kaiser) — Quite by accident, medics discovered (while looking for something else) that I had a mysterious mass in my upper chest. Long story short: they did a biopsy and found a malignant growth (about 2.5 inches long) in my chest.

So I plunge into a new adventure. I have two of the most experienced oncologists in Phoenix working on my case: Jeff Isaacs and Michael Feinstein. They’ve already moved to set me up for a whole series of tests. A PETSCAN  of my whole body (to see where else the cancer may have spread), an MRI of my brain, a deeper analysis of the material taken in my biopsy, five different blood analyses, etc etc. (P.S. I’ve never smoked.) They have already judged that the growth lies in a space between my lungs and is wrapped around a vital vein; for that reason, they cannot perform any surgery. That’s good news to me. I’d rather face  chemotherapy. That won’t start for two or three weeks, which is good.

Gives me time to finish a book I have been working on for six months — a ghosted autobiography. Tom Doyle is a Dominican priest who warned the U.S. bishops way back in 1985 that if they didn’t do something drastic about their wayward priests, they’d have to start defending themselves on lawsuits all over the nation, and they could end up losing a billion dollars. They ignored him, and had him fired from his job at the Vatican embassy in DC. Seven years later, the whole scandal blew up in Boston and other victims started going to the civil courts for relief. Now, the bishops have paid out more than $2 billion in settlements, seven dioceses have gone bankrupt, and 30 million Catholics have left the Church. Meanwhile, Doyle goes on giving expert testimony in courts all over the world. He’s on the side of the victims, which has made him a hero to thinking Catholics and a pariah among the bishops.

I intend to keep writing and smiling — laughing even as much as I can — and exulting over the victories of my favorite football teams, the Oregon Ducks, the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame, and the SF 49ers. (An old friend of mine, Norman Cousins, found out he had cancer, and laughed himself well, and wrote a book about it.)
P.S. Please forward this to others you know who still believe in prayer. I already have a bunch of nuns praying for me, nuns from New York to New Zealand.



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3 responses to “TIME’s award winning Vatican II reporter needs urgent prayers

  1. Fr.Tomy Kuruvilla


    i have had an experience of being healed from a diagnosed case of “carcinoma Low Grade II” way back in the year 2005, the year St.john Paul the II died.(As I call and pray to him).
    It was exactly on the day of Tsunami ,26th Dec.2004, I was confronted with this reality of being a Cancer patient.Though initially it devastated me ,I did not give up hope.Went through all the medical procedures,including operation and went back to U.A.E to resume my work as usual. Though I was busy from morning till evening,teaching the kids Music, deep down the thought of being a cancer patient was haunting me day and night. To make things worse the sarcastic remark made by a confrere over a Telephonic Conversation (may be thoughtlessly) “So you are grave” all the more increased my fear that the end was near than what I had expected or hoped for.(I had a dream to realize)Life went on………….with this fear lurking deep down.
    I was due for the cystoscopy,in Kuwaity Hospital in U.A.E ,and it was exactly a week before that John Paul II , died.In the night itself,(I don’t remember the time but was deep asleep),a friend of mine in Dubai called me up to tell me that John Paul II died. I don’t know what came to me immediately was the scene that I saw on Easter Sunday on BBC T.V, ‘A struggling Pope to impart his final blessings to the World” I don’t know how many witnessed that on BBC, for it was removed immediately.I said to myself, here is an individual who has suffered, in-spite of occupying the highest Chair here on earth.I just got up…………took a piece of paper and wrote ” Dear St.John Paul II,i jsut don’t want to see the report Positive on the day of Cystoscopy”

    Believe it or not on the day of cystoscopy, when the Doctor.Announced “Fr.Tomy there is absolutely no trace of it any more” you can very well imagine ,how I could visualize to myself the Picture of St.John Paul II ,still lying ,with those pipes in the operation theater.

    I got it verified in the same week through an MRI Xray,in Al ZAHARA hospital, Sharjah,U.A.E. The subsequent tests over the years keep telling me,the latest being in January 2012; the same good news “Fr.Tomy there is absolutely no trace of it any more ”
    I attribute it to the powerful intervention of St.John paul II as I call him and pray to him., even today.

    As I share my faith experience ,I urge every one of you to submit Robert Blair Kaiser, to the care of John Paul II . I also request the individual,concerned to do so,if he has faith in the power of John Paul II as a would be saint, and experience for himself “A miraculous cure from life threatening cancer that he is diagnosed with”

    May John paul II continue to intercede for all of us.

  2. selena j

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