Seven falsely accused denied hearing 7 times

PHULBANI, Orisa, (Markose K J) —  Today, (17 Dec,2012)  was yet another date fixed for statements of the accused. As previous dates elapsed without the court hearing the accused today too passed event less.  More than 7 dates have passed like this during the past 60 days.

The Judge did not sit in the court. Bench clerk gave next date – 22 / 12. The seven under-trials (accused of killing Swami Laxmanand)  were, as usual, brought to the verandah of the court, kept there for whole day and were taken back to prison. On each date they come to the court with the hope of telling their innocence in the court. But go back sadly. Even their lawyer appeared desperate. The police personnel who accompany the under-trials feel sympathetic.

Cases are not supposed to be prolonging at Fast Track Courts. But this case is exceptionally prolonging at the fast track court at Phulbani.  Due to undue delay at fast Track Courts, the High Court was approached and the HC directed, in September, the Fast Track Court to “complete hearing the case and give judgment in two months”. Though that time limit has been over, the trial court appears to be not bothered.

According to Mr Sangram Singh (Advocate), The Fast Track Courts appear to have become even less serious about justice after the recent order from the honorable Supreme Court asking for explanation regarding light punishments and large number of acquittals in riot-related cases.


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