VicePrincipal Accused of Rape Could be Framed. Role of Police is Suspect

Yerwada school

Yerwada school

PUNE, (Joseph Dias) CSF — The Catholic Secular Forum (CSF) condemns the action of the Pune police while dealing with the vice-principal of Don Bosco School in Pune, who was arrested on charges of molesting a Std X student. Investigations by The CSF showed that Father Egidius Falcao was in all likelihood being framed.
To begin with, the Catholic priest was treated very badly and not even allowed to use his mobile phone by the police. Not only was he illegally confined and his version not listened to, but even the protests of several students went unheard.
Our inquiries reveal that on the date girl ‘victim’ was supposed to have been raped, she was marked absent in the school register. Further, the vice-principal’s office is made of glass and any attempt to molest or rape, would be clearly visible.
A supposed witness said she was under pressure by the ‘victim’s’ mother and retracted her statement. Others are afraid to talk,”  said Joseph Dias, The CSF general secretary.

Joseph Dias added “the delay of more than two weeks between the date of the alleged rape and the complaint to the Yerwada police station make the allegations even more suspect. The parent could easily have confided or complained about the priest to the Don Bosco church authorities or confronted the priest and did not have to wait so long to complain.”
The CSF has called for the case to be squashed and in a statement added that the “Church has zero tolerance for crimes against women”and hence, if the same had been brought to light would have acted promptly.

For more info, contact:
Joseph Dias +919769555657



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3 responses to “VicePrincipal Accused of Rape Could be Framed. Role of Police is Suspect

  1. Fr.Tomy Kuruvilla

    Glad to know that the Church has adopted strict rules for the erring clergy,especially with deviant behaviors..A thief is not a thief until he is proved to be so.Courage Fr.Falcao.

  2. Fr.Tomy Kuruvilla

    The authorities should go deep into the allegation and find out the truth. The Salesians of Don Bosco should not in any way cover up the issue to protect it’s name.

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