Priest starts new TV channel series

Fr Francis Karackat, SDB

Fr Francis Karackat, SDB

KOZHIKODE, (C.M. Paul) – A Salesian priest dubbed “maverick journalist” is starting a new morning television series on the country’s latest television channel in the southern Indian state of Kerala. Fr Francis Karackat’s regular programme entitled ATMA on Mediaone channel begins tomorrow on Ash Wednesday, 13 February 6.30 am.

The programme has three segments: the first segment for eight minutes is done by some of the known literary figures in Malayalam like C. Radhakrishnan, George Onakkoor, Seihuddin Poithumkadavu and Kalpetta Narayanan. Fr Karackat comes in the second segment giving an inspirational peptalk on a current life issue. The third segment is on pure spirituality. 

The second episode is at 6.30 am on 16th Saturday. The third episode is at 6.30 am on 19th Tuesday…. and will continue on a regular basis.

Mediaone TV is an Indian television channel broadcasting in Malayalam, operated by Madhyamam Broadcasting Limited. The company is owned by the Madhyamam family and is officially launched on 10th February 2013.

Licensed in September 2011, the main Studio is located at Velliparamba,  Kozhikode.  Mini news studios of the channel will soon be available in all the major cities of India.

Dr. Abdussalam Ahmad is the CEO and Babu Bharadwaj is the program editor.

The channel claims, “we are here to promote an alternative media culture that strengthens human values.”

Fr Francis Karackat is a popular author of the most-wanted book by the Keralites: “Spoken English,”which has already run into four editions. With six bestseller book titles Fr Karackat has proved his proficiency in Malayalam too.

Currently, he is the Head of the Department of Communication and Journalism at Don BoscoCollege, Angadikadavu, Kerala.

He is also chief editor of Don Bosco Bulletin in Malayalam one of the leading religious magazines in Kerala for its content, presentation and universal appeal.

Fr Karackat is a member of the Kannur University Board of Studies for Journalism and Chairman of the Kannur University Valuation Camp for Journalism.

He is also examiner for the Master’s Degree course in Communication and Journalism for the Calicut University.

Earlier he had a weekly telecast program consisting of his musings on fulfillment and success on Shalom TV, another popular global channel from south India.


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