Signis India told to focus on accountability

Mr Alvito DeSouza releasing the book "Early Christians of 21st century".

Mr Alvito DeSouza releasing the book “Early Christians of 21st century”.

HYDERABAD – The India chapter of the world association of Catholic communications Signis India held its annual assembly, 16 noon  -18 February noon at TulsiGarden, Carnival Club, Sainikpuri, Yapral, Secunderabad. Attended by Signis World president and General Secretary, some 100 members representing 13 Signis regions participated. Among them there were 54 voting members.

“Signis India’s vibrancy has led the way in ideas, new initiatives and curative practice,” said DeSouza complementing members of the media association.

The Assembly began on 16th Feb noon with a seminar on Signis Project writing by Signis World Secretary General Mr Alvito DeSouza.

“Signis India has made significant contribution to policy making and leadership in the Signis world over the years,” said DeSouza making his first visit to India.

He also added, “the process and methodology used in the initiatives undertaken in India has thrown new light for Signis to go forward,”
One of the issues DeSouza highlighted at the assembly was on the accountability of the media projects the members submit.
“Signis is not a funding agency,” insisted DeSouza clarifying to members that “Signis duty is only to process / screen media projects for the Pontifical Commission for the Proclamation of the Peoples which subsidizes media productions.

DeSouza further requested Signis India to develop a media project monitoring and evaluation system with the help of PMS (Pontifical Mission Society).

The assembly heard media activity reports of 13 Signis regions and CBCI Office of Social Communications especially the formation of Media Research Group, and Media Clubs especially in seminaries.

The National Seminar on :New Media for New Generation (Website, Mobile Media, Social Media) which started on 18 February afternoon concluded on 19 Feb evening.

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